Monday, October 29, 2012

Here we go.......

A place we get to share Treavor's journey...
AS he prepares himself to be a worthy, outstanding full time Missionary!
Of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Treavor was able to begin filling out his missionary papers yesterday!! We were in the bishops office and the bishop pulled up Treavor's online LDS account and..... BOOM.... his papers were on there!!
I wish I could explain to you the look on his face......LITERALLY smiling from ear to ear and completely BEAMING! (no Treav..I'm not crying)
He is so excited to get out there and it shows...
I'm so proud of him...I honestly was so surprised the day he told me this is what he had chosen to do....A MISSION?? Really??  Wow..
I was always waiting for the announcement of the military..he's been talking about that since he was so small...always wanted to be a "fighter guy" and LOVED our country...and constantly talked and learned about war...and history... 
And now I suppose its just a different type of "fighter guy"...different kinds of battles... and war... and history....
I have not been the best example to him....  but others in his life have been... what a blessing.
This kid has been through so much... I have seen him cry... so sick... hurt and deeply wounded... I honestly have never experienced a better example of a survivor... a warrior... he will NOT be held back.
To see him so happy... so excited...  so driven....SO GOOD DOWN TO HIS CORE... I am truly a proud and lucky mother...

Now begins the work.... the list is long and we will be busy for a few weeks!
I wanted this blog to be a place where we could all come during Treavor's entire missionary process and it would remind us all of him...(hence the Star Wars theme and nerd factor)

I will be updating this often with news and pictures as he prepares himself
to serve the Lord!
Treavor is indeed a warrior!


  1. Ahhhhh!! GO TREAVY GO! Light saber and all. So very proud of you. your a STRONG STRONG MAN!
    love you!!!-----so very much! you "reach me".
    I got goosies.....

  2. Treav! Elder Green! Jedi guy! You will soon be a
    *fighter guy* in God's army! For true and lasting peace will only come one person at a time living the gospel of Jesus Christ. You will actually be a *peacemaker guy* for the world Treav as you serve your mission. You, Josh, Zac,and Tanner.
    We are so proud and honored to call you our grandson. THIS IS SO DANG EXCITING!!!!!! Our vest buttons are popping off!
    Thank you for your example to all of us!! Luv ya big guy!

  3. Hi again...just checking out my new google account. ") G'ma