Monday, April 29, 2013

The Tour de France in FLORIDA!

Hey! Its been another week. Its so crazy how fast time is going. 
This week was pretty good and pretty busy.. which was good. My legs are dead from biking so much. 
Monday we had a district P-day which was fun. We went and rode go-karts which was great. Then we got ice cream at this place called Jeremiahs.. its soooo good.... best stuff ever! 
Tuesday we saw our gator "H" he is just so cool! We found out more of his life.. its so crazy... he told us about a time when he had a four wheeler and crashed and was paralyzed for 8 months. He is fine now... but he sure has had a crazy life! He is so cool... I am hoping to get him and his girlfriend "T" married and baptized soon. Later that night we went and saw Stroy and gave him some encouragement to go to the temple with the ward... which he did for the first time. So that was great! He was so sad that we couldn't go with him. 
Wednesday we went to a lot of less-actives to see how they are doing... but the best thing I remember was dinner that day. It was so GOOD. It was a whole bunch of seafood that a member got and cooked for us. It was grea...t I LOVE SEAFOOD!!!!!!!!!!! 
Thursday was the best overall this week... we had a mission conference and the area president of the seventy came and spoke to us. It really got us pumped... it was so good! His name is Ulisses Soares and he is from Brazil. He was really amazing. Then later that night we had a 18 year old come out with us he's is preparing to go on a mission. We took him to go see some less-actives and he seemed to really love coming out with us. But what was funny was before we picked him up he just got his drivers license that day.... and he got to drive his dads really nice car.  Well he meets us at the church... and he locked himself out of his dads car...LOL so we called a member to help us break into it.  It was so funny! Me and Elder Oliver couldn't stop laughing. HA!  
Friday we were biking all over and tried get out and see a lot of gators, members and stuff like that.  We had dinner at this old place called Kappy's... its really good. They do cheese steak stuff. It was delicious! 
Saturday... I call this day the Tour de we biked ALL over our area.  We went to the top... then the bottom... then back to the top... then the middle.... then to the top again!  It was crazy! My legs didn't like it.... lol We had a great day though.... really worked on "H" and "T"... it was really good. Then our other gator "M"... we saw him and his girlfriend....she is a member and she told us after we left that we have been the only ones that had got him to want to go to church. It made us super pumped! 
Sunday was great... just to see our gators come to church. And to feel like this is where I need to be... just made me so happy to know that I get to help people. It's so crazy... I am just loving this.
Well...that was this week. I hope that you all had a great week.. and I hope that you will have a great one this week too. HAVE FUN!!
p.s.   Hey Mom....there is one more thing I want you and Tai to read the B of M together and separate everyday for 5 to 20 min a day. I know that it might be boring or hard to do... but i want you both to do it. And then every week tell me where you are at and what you learned :) I'm pretty sure you saw this coming.. LOL

Monday, April 22, 2013

Yucky Water..and Go-Karts

Hey!! Another week has gone by and this one was Crazy!!!!!! lol
Tuesday was a hard working day but nothing big happened. 

Wednesday we finally saw our gator "M" and we taught him a bit... then later that day we got to see another gator "J" who canceled..but then changed his mind. Later we got the saddest news.... our Ward Mission Leader Bro. Parker called us and told us that our Bishops 6 week old baby had just passed away and that put a damper on our day. We went with Bro. Parker and delivered food to the Bishop's family. After that we went on exchanges that night and Elder Jeppson and I were put together which was sweet!!

Thursday was still exchanges so me and Elder Jeppson went to go see "M" at 9am and we were biking to his house and Elder Jeppson breaks the chain of Elder Olivers bike... but the bad thing was we were in the ghetto...really bad part of town... so we hurried back to our house and we called Stroy to ask if he could help us and take us to the bike shop. He did.... we got it fixed sort the chain we got was too big.. so it was crazy. We ended up not bring able to see "M".... so we saw "H" instead. He is so cool and is wife is just amazing. We went and saw some other gators we had  and then we met with some members and they were super loaded rich... and when we started to leave they gave us a ton of treats!! It was cool!! 

On Friday we exchanged back... we didnt do much... we had weekly planning which takes three hours to do.  Elder Oliver wasn't feeling good that day.

Saturday was so CRAZY... we had the funeral for the Bishops baby... and then a member got robbed...and no one was happy to see us!!!!  Except "H"and his wife...that made our day. That day was so crazy.. I don't need a day like that again!!! lol

Sunday was good to calm down and to learn. We got The B of M in Arabic which was so cool... and I got a signed autograph by Dennis Pitta!!!!! I was  it was so awesome!!! I will mail that back home next Monday to keep it safe! I don't have time today cuz we are having District Prep day and then we are going to ride go-karts!!! That is going to be sweet!!

This week has been good though... and that Boston thing was crazy... we had members telling us about it and I saw it when we were working out. I knew Matt was i was like AHH!!! I'm so glad he is ok. So weird. 

Here is a pic of my apartment.

Some things I like and dislike about Florida.... I hate the water SO MUCH!!! It tastes horrible..yuck. I really like the rains so hard. Yesterday we got drenched big time it was pretty funny.. but our dinner appointment didn't want us in the house so we had to dry off first. lol  And one weird thing is that the plants and leaves all feel like plastic lol its crazy. 

 I love you all have a great week!!!

Elder Green

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Sunburn and a Tornado Warning

Hey!! So another week has gone by it is too crazy!! 
This week was pretty sweet and a little crazy.

Tuesday we had President meetings which was pretty cool... I met with Pres. Hall...he talks to you one on one and he just wants to know whats going on and that was cool. After that we went and met with a gator that a member referred to us. He is from Egypt and he asked for a B of M in Arabic. It takes two weeks to get... it but its on its way. His name is too hard to pronounce... so we just call him He spoke some Arabic to us... it was so cool! He is really interested.  Then we stopped by "B"s house... the guy who is now going to be baptized this Saturday which is SWEEET!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday we woke up and got ready... did some stuff... then we went to help Sis. B do some yard work. She is old... and her husband has been having health issues... so we worked for 4 hours. I got my first sunburn that day (which sucks) But she is the best... we love her. I wish you guys could meet her she is so great. Then we got home got ready quickly... we taught "K"....our 9 yr old gator which is going really good. They can't figure out a date for the baptism.... which is not good cause they have said they might want to wait till June and Elder Oliver leaves in June... so thats not good for us. We have also been searching for apartments this past week cause our area is going to be split soon... so thats been kinda 

Thursday we had a district meeting which was pretty good then after that we went to go see some referrals. We also saw "H"....I dont know if I talked about him in my last letter but he is really cool and very interested. 

Friday we got a call from Stroy... and he wanted to go see "J" and "J" is not in a good position right now. I hope we can help him. I tell you more about him later. Then later we went and saw a gator that we haven't seen in a while....he has been in the hospital cause a fridge fell on him (long story) We finally caught up with him and gave a blessing to him and after that he hugged us and ran inside his house so that he wouldn't see him cry. Then we went and saw the Elders Quorum President and got to know him better... which helps out a lot. 

Saturday we did more service for the Maitland Library... they love us cause we help them out a lot. They were selling books for a fundraiser... so we helped out a bit. There was a festival going on...(Mom it reminded me of the Cache County Fair when the police have the tent thing) but it was for art.. and it was really cool. I bought a Patriots thing...shhhh LOL. Then we went to "H"'s house and we met his wife "T".... and she had every question in the world. She had been on google and tried to learn about Mormons that way. We taught her and she started to understand and I felt like I needed to just bear my testimony to her. After we finished the lesson Elder Oliver said "Wow, that was amazing the spirit was super strong." And I don't even remember everything I said...LOL. We invited them to that was a cool night.  

Sunday we were very worried cause we had maybe 4 or 5 gators that would come to church and the most important was "B" and he showed up which was great!! But the best and most surprising was that "H"s wife "T" came!!! We were so happy and she even stayed the whole time! "H" didn't come but thats ok for now.  Also President and Sister Hall showed up randomly..... but the amazing part of that night we had a crazy storm that started about 5:30pm or so and lasted till almost 10pm... you guys don't even know rain till you see this kindof rain!! The best part of the storm was when we got a text saying Tornado Warning.... I was like SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
(don't worry I didn't see one though) 

I am loving the food..the seafood is amazing here and the chinese food makes Wok on Wheels look like crap! Its very hot.....I'm trying my best to get used to it.

Well..that was our week... it was amazing I hope you are all having a great week! 
Let me know how you're doing please. I love you to the outer rim and back!!

Elder Green

Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference was Mind Blowing!

Hey!!! Another week has gone by!! 

It was a trial week as Elder Oliver says... cause we didn't have that good of a week. People were falling though like crazy and Elder Oliver has been stressed out. 

Tuesday we tracted most of the day and we didn't find anyone that wanted to listen to us. But later that night we got 5 referrals from the spanish elders which was awesome. 

Wednesday we had mission exchanges and our District Leader Elder Howard came here with me... and Elder Oliver went to Goldenrod area where Elder Jeppson (from the MTC) was. So I had to plan everything and do everything.... I was really nervous cause its MY District Leader... so I worked hard and I did the best I could. It went well... we tracted found two potential gators. We talked to a referral..his name is "H" and he is from Massachussets. He is a cool guy and he is really interested. We went to the church after and Elder Howard did the baptismal interview for our gator "B" that was great. Then after that.. we checked the mail I got my Easter package which was AMA-ZA-ZING!!!!!!!! So awesome Mom thanks!! Then Elder Howard packed up and we switched back and went home and talked things over.

Thursday we had ZTM (Zone Traning Meeting) which was really good. We stopped and got new supplies which we needed.. we ran out of B Of M. After that we went and talked with some members and tried to see some of the referrals we had. 

Friday was a bad day... everyone we wanted to see fell through...we couldn't even see the members they were gone too. Even our dinner had to cancel!!! So that was bad for sure! But at the end of the day... we tried one last member... he wasn't home but he lives in a duplex and we ended up talking to his neighbor and she was really interested... she was our miracle for that day!!! 

Saturday we got up... got ready... studied... then we went to the church. We were there from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm for General Conference which was Mind Blowing!!! It was so good! The members fed us for lunch and then we went out for dinner that night which was so good!! 

Sunday we got to the church at 10:30 am stayed till 6:30 pm... and I have to say Henry B. Eyring is still my favorite... and I really liked Enrique R. Falabellas' talk... it was so good! I really liked what he said about the 6 things that a home should have. So good!! I want to know everyones favorite conference speaker....I wrote 12 pages full of notes from conference... it was so good. And if you didn't get to watch it DOOOOO IT NOW!!! lol 

Well... that was this week. I'm feeling much better too..that pain is gone. I hope you all are having a great week! Tell Charlee Happy Birthday from me.. I will try to send something soon.
"May The Force Be With You Always"

Monday, April 1, 2013

Old ladies shouldn't drive.... and grits....

Hey, another week has gone by. 
It's pretty insane, but this week has been good. 
Tuesday we were riding down to "K," our 9 year old Gator's house. I saw this little old lady in her 2012 Mustang, and she wanted to turn right. Well, Elder Oliver rides past her, and then she hits me on my bike. So NOW I am an official missionary! LOL! Don't worry my bike is fine, my leg hurts but thank goodness she only hit my leg. I was really mad but I didn't act mad. She was like "I'm sooooo sorry! I didn't see you!"
I was like, "it's ok," and we just rode on. Elder Oliver was laughing at me. 
Then we went and taught "K," which went super well.  
Wednesday was crazy. We went to work and no one wanted to talk to us, but the Spanish Elders gave us a referral and they said she is golden. They also said she has a lot of problems in her life and she has a hard time trusting people, so we're trying to do the best we can. We will see how that goes. 
Thursday we got the car. It's a 2013 Corolla, and it's a very nice car. We had fun with it and we don't have to share, which is cool. 
I had to call Sister Hall because I am having some problems between my stomach and chest, I have no idea what it is, I have never felt it before. She told me to get some Prilosec OTC, so I have had to get that. I'm still having that problem so I don't know. 
Friday our district leader needed a bike because his bike fell of the car, and Elder Oliver gave his to him when we had transfers. That sucked but we had the car, so that helped them out. Then we saw our Gator "B," and we had to move his baptism to the 20th of April, so I hope he gets to work. 
Saturday was good. We helped "S" out. He was frustrated so he vented to us. I love him, he is a great guy. We did some things for him, and we saw some other members and we helped them too. It was a good day of helping members. 
Sunday was so good, but I didn't sleep pretty much at all that night, so I didn't really get to have the great experience because I was so tired. I didn't sleep because of my stomach-chest thing. We got home and updated our map book then called people to set up appointments. We had a great Easter dinner, and I still don't like grits. lol 
I haven't gotten my Easter package hopefully it comes today. And Mom, I could use some more garments. I love you all. 

Love, Elder Green