Monday, May 27, 2013

Heavy Rain and Sprinkler Systems

Hey everybody!
This week has been sweet and it seemed like it was fast but slow at the same time.
Tuesday we had a district meeting and it was a really good one. I really learned a lot about the basics of Missionary work. It was cool to see where we were and where we are now. We tried all day to set up appointments.. some worked and some didn’t. Around 6:30 or 7:00, Bro.Parker came with us to see some Gators and we set up a appointment with one of them.
Wednesday we got up and went to the gym but it was locked. We waited there for almost 40 min until the lady who opens all the doors came. Then we rode down close to downtown and saw a referral that Elder Jeppson gave us. He is pretty cool. We saw some less-actives then biked home. I got soaked! I have pictures but I forgot my camera, so I will show you next week. We had so much fun in the rain. It was crazy. We got home and changed our clothes then Bro.Evans picked us up. We went and saw H & T {they’re getting married this Saturday :)} then we exchanged with the Spanish Elders.
On Thursday, Elder Bailey and me saw a lot of less-actives and tracted a lot. We found a lady that needed help putting in mulch, so we helped her out. We found a Spanish guy, and I just sat there while they talked in Spanish. {I need to learn Spanish LOL} We exchanged back with the Spanish Elders.
On Friday we looked up former Gators and less-actives and saw a few.  We had a temple tour with H & T and they took us out to Olive Garden afterwards to celebrate her B-day. We went on exchanges again, but with the Zone Leaders, and Stroye helped us out with that.
Saturday me and Elder Hibbard didn't have the map book cause it was in Elder Weston’s backpack, so we tracted like crazy. We found this 16yr old girl who really liked what we were sharing and wanted to know more, but Sunday her parents called and said that they don't want us teaching her. That kind of sucked, but we have to respect them and their decision. I learned so much from Elder Hibbard and it was such a fun day, then we exchanged back.
On Sunday we had a good day at church, then we went and saw some less- actives and Tom {he was a Gator but not anymore.} We saw the same lady from Thursday, and she was having problems with her sprinkler system. It took us almost 2 hours to figure out what was wrong, and we were late for dinner. We got home and did our weekly numbers.
That was our week, I hope that your week was super awesome. If not, I am sorry, but have a super awesome fantastic ultra boss week.

Elder Green

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sorry for the delay! ENJOY!

Elder Weston (his current companion)

  Elder Jeppson (his MTC companion)

His bed complete with star wars quilt!


(the potato chips are the most organized thing in there! lol)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Down the Drain and Missionary Cops

Hey!! What's up everybody!!
This week has been really good. Monday we had p-day and we found out we are car sharing again which kinda sucks... but its also fun cause we get to hang out with the other Elders.... Elder Jeppson and Elder Buckmiller and thats good!! 

Tuesday was really hot!!! We have been working with less-actives like crazy this past week and it's nice. We tracted like super crazy and we found this young lady and she might end up to be a gator hopefully! 

Wednesday we had a District meeting and I gave a training on developing faith. I hope I did well.. it was pretty fun to do. Then we got home and we got on our bikes and Elder Weston broke something on his bike... and so we called Stroy to give us a ride to the bike shop. We got it fixed. Later we went and saw "H" & "T" and we talked for a bit. They always help us out big time. Then that night we went on exchanges.. I went to Goldenrod area with Elder Buckmiller... and Elder Jeppson came here with Elder Weston. 

Thursday was pretty good. We saw alot of people. Not too much happened just saw less-actives that's about it.... then we exchanged back that night.

 Friday all of our plans went down the drain! It was so crazy. We just had people cancel all over the place. We would call someone and they would say "sure come over!"..and then cancel 5 min later. It was so tough. The only thing that didn't cancel was dinner. It still was a cool day cause we tracted a street.. and we were just going door to door... then a cop pulled over and talked with us.
Cop: Did you see a black guy with a blue shirt running by here?
Us: No 
Cop: Ok well could you guys keep an eye out for him?
Us: Will do! 
Then we thought to ourselves "lets go find him!" So we got on our bikes and we started looking for this guy. The cops were all over... they surrounded the area so the guy couldn't leave. Then the cops told us we might want' to leave cause the K-9's were coming in. So we left and went to dinner. 

Saturday we had a good day. So we went on the computers in the apartment complex. We went to open the door to go outside... Elder Weston goes first and this lady rams right in him!! She was running and I laughed so hard cuz he was so scared!! He just didn't know what to do. It was so funny!! Later we tried to see less-actives and nobody was home.. so we went to dinner which was at "H" & "T"s place. 

Sunday was good and funny...most of the people just realized that I got a new companion!!! it rained like crazy!!! We got stuck under an underpass for an hour and a half.. we finally called Stroy...and he took us to our appointments which was so great. The rain is so awesome and so bad!! It's crazy!! 
Thats my week! Hope you all had a great week and have a good week to come!  


*Elder Green sent pictures, but due to technical difficulties, we can't upload them. Check back later!! (:

Monday, May 13, 2013

First Blessing and Mother's Day!

Hey Everyone!! 
This week has been Ama-za-zing!! 

So of course we had transfers.. and Elder Weston and I have been super busy... which is really good!!  

Tuesday I took him around the area. We saw members and some gators.... he really loves this area already! (I think mostly cause of the weight room LOL) 

Wednesday we really just tracted like crazy... and saw less actives and tried to see "M" but we didn't really get lucky with lessons that day. 

Thursday we tracted and saw "H".... he is just the best! He told me that I am baptising both him and his wife... I'm super excited to do that!!! They have been a great thing in my life.... and I hope that I am to theirs too.  

Friday we did an amazing weekly planning... it really helped us get prepared for this week. We have really been contacting and tracting like crazy.. and seeing less actives. 

Saturday we had the baptism of "B" which went really well. I had to give a talk on the Holy Ghost cause the person that was going to do it canceled... so I think I did good. 

Sunday was the best of this week. It was Mothers Day and church was fantastic! After church I called my Mom to tell her what time I was going to skype that night. Then we went and saw less actives...and about 4:30 we got a call that a sister in the ward needed a blessing. So we called stroy and asked him to take us to the hospital.. and I gave my first blessing. It was so cool... I was very nervous though... but it went good. After that we went to the Walkers home and got to skype our families... which was so awesome!! I really needed that... it gave me a massive boost to get to work! 

(Pics of our Skype session. He looked so great...He just beamed! and those dimples were like cereal bowls!! Such a great Mother's Day!)

Today we are going to play soccer with Elder Jeppson and Elder Buckmiller and their ward so that will be fun. I hope that you all have a fantastic week!! 

Elder Green

P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAI!! I'm sending some stuff today. I love you...have a great b-day and tell me about it.

P.S.S Last night Was the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Q&A with Elder Green

Elder Green has struggled with answering mommy's questions in his emails home every Monday.....SO...using my motherly problem solving skills...I sent him a "questionnaire" to fill out and send back home. I got it back!
So I thought I would share it....

1. Did you get the camelpak that Grandma shipped to you?  
Yes..sorry I keep forgetting to put it in my emails. :)

2. Do you need anything as far as clothes? (socks, PDAY shirts, blah blah blah)
YES..I need some PDAY shirts. And I got the G's thanks!

3. What did you think of the Star Wars quilt? 
It is AMA-ZA-ZING!!!! I really love it. Thanks!

4.What are the answers to your Florida trivia questions? Obviously no one got it
    1. A dog or Cat
    2. Annual Disney or Universal passes
    3. New cars! seems like every week they get new ones.

5. Name 3 of your favorite Florida foods.
    1. Cajun Food! A member keeps making it for us and it's
    pretty good!
    2.Vietnamese Spring Rolls...soooo good.
    3. 4 Rivers Steak House (best thing ever!)

6. What is your favorite thing about your mission so far?

I think right now is my experience with "H" and his wife "T". Heavenly Father put them in my path and I'm so grateful for that. And also to see their change from the beginning to now..its crazy. 

7. Is there any thing I can do or send to help you in any way?
Just keep sending letters. I love that. And there is a quote from Sam to Frodo in Lord of the Rings that I want. (Tai knows which one) Me and Elder Oliver were talking about it and I would like to have it.  I love you Mom. 

Check back....I will post about it!!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Star Wars...and Transfers

Another week has gone by! 
Today is transfers... and sadly Elder Oliver is leaving to Palm Bay :(
And I am now the companion of the District Leader Elder Weston... but I am staying in Winter Park (this name should still be changed cuz it is NOT winter at all.. LOL) 
Anyway...this week was amazing. Tuesday we really worked with the members that day which was great. We got to help an old member use an iPad 3 that was nice for some technology. 
Wednesday was definitely a 501st Legion Day.. hehehe.. we worked so hard with less-actives this day. Then we had dinner with the Sullivan's (the star wars fans like me) which was way awesome. We also saw "H" again and taught him the rest of the stuff he needed...and now we are working with his wife "T".... so its been great working with them.
Thursday we had a ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) which was the best one we have had so far! I loved it!  We had most of our gators cancel on us that day... so we tried to find others.. but with no luck.
Friday was the BEST!!! We took "H" and "T" on the temple tour ...and it was our goal to set a baptismal date for both of them...and a marriage date. And we did!! The Spirit was so was a fantastic night. So we treated ourselves to ice cream....seriously the best night ever! 
Saturday was awesome cuz it was STAR WARS DAY!!!!!! (MAY the 4th be with you!!) LOL 
We saw little "K" finally after 2 weeks... and we have been trying to set a date with her but its hard with their family schedule. Later we went and saw Stroy and talked with him for a bit. That whole day we tried to have people involve Star Wars in some way... it was fun and crazy.
Sunday was Stake Conference which was amazing. We talked with "B" our Gator who is getting baptized this Saturday which is sweet!! 
Today we are scrambling to clean the apartment... get Elder Oliver packed and go see people so he can say goodbye to some members. I don't want him to this will be weird. But I will just have to push through and keep working as hard as possible.
That is all this week... hope that you all had a great week ...and have a good week this week.
I love you all!!
Love Elder Green
Side note (yesterday was Elder Green's 95th day!)