Friday, August 16, 2013

Truckin along...........

Treavor is continuing with Physical Therapy...he goes twice a week.

We met with Dr Higginbotham today after his physical therapy for a 2 week follow up appointment. 
Treavor is still having a lot of pain in his knee...and told the Doctor that the pain level hasn't changed much. 

The Doctor felt like it was a good time to try a cortisone shot to the knee and see how that affected things. It was interesting to watch that procedure... it looked super painful....GAH! But Treavor handled it like a

He is pretty sore tonight which apparently is normal...and hopefully he will be feeling the positive effects of the shot soon.

We see the Doctor again in 2 weeks and will go from there!

Thanks to everyone for the supportive phone calls, letters and texts they send him!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

And so it begins......

Treavor started physical therapy today...he will be going twice a week. His coach was awesome and gave him some exercises to do at home. Treavor was upbeat and did good today. He really liked the 'ice therapy" machine (top right corner)..he said it felt so good on his knee.