Monday, March 25, 2013

A week of blessings and cookies at the hospital!!

Hey!! Its another week and it's the end of my FIRST TRANSFER!!!!!!!!! 
This is insane! But we saw all the new changes... and now me and Elder Oliver have full time car now which is sweet! And Elder Jeppson (my companion in the MTC) is getting a new trainer.. and one of the sisters I flew out with Sister Conant she is becoming a trainer... which is crazy! 

This week has been crazy for us and great at the same time!! 
Tuesday we were called about 1:30 from the mission office and they told us this boy needed a blessing and he was at the hospital... so we said we would do it after our appointment. Well not even 5 min later they called back again and they told us that he wasn't going to make it and we needed to hurry. So we got in the car and I called Bro. Naughtin (he works at the hospital doing his residence) and told him we were coming. We got there pretty quick and went up to the floor he was on. We found out the boy had a double brain aneurysm and we had to wait 15 min to give the blessing... cause the doctors were doing their thing. We went in...and I did the oil part.. but when I laid my hands on his head... I knew right then that he wasn't going to make it. Elder Oliver gave the blessing and the room got crowded cause like 35 members of his family were in there. But we gave the blessing and the Spirit was so strong and everyone was crying... I don't really know how to describe it...but it was good and sad. 

Later...we went home planned for the rest of the day and then we went to work. We saw "B" one of our gators and we committed him to baptism on the 30th of March.. but we just had to move it to the 13th of April... so that will be really cool!! 

Wednesday we went to the hospital again so we called Bro. Naughtin again for assistance... there is a brother from a different ward who has cancer and we gave him a blessing a week ago... and he wanted another one because he had a big test the next day. Later that day we finally got to see "J" (one of our Gators) he was sick and we kinda thought that he just didn't want to see us anymore... but he still wanted to see us.. so that was good. And we started to teach "J"'s dad yesterday that was really cool! 

Nothing really happened on Thursday... just doing hard work.

Then Friday we get a call from the Elder's in the Goldenrod area... and they told us that a sister was in the hospital and she wanted a blessing so we went to the hospital again... but Bro. Naughtin wasn't there this time... and he usually would take us to the doctors lounge and we got free food all the time... and we would buy these coconut macaroons (which are so amazing!!!) and the day he wasn't there they served those DELICIOUS macaroons so we bought 6!!!... and we texted him that we got some COOKIES without him... he sent us a text back saying DANG!!!! LOL We laughed so hard. Anyway...we gave the sister the blessing and we talked for a bit with her and the other Elders. You should see this hospital... it is HUGE and I mean HUGE!!!!!!! I'll have to take a pic of it soon so you can see. 

Saturday was a busy day... and it rained a bit...then became really humid!!! To the point that I felt like a heater... I was so hot!! We had to stop at a members house to get water... it was bad. We rode our bikes from one side of the area to the other it was crazy and SO HOT!!!! LOL 

Sunday was good we had ward conference which was really cool... we talked with "J" and his dad it was really a great day. This week I know will be great... I have been doing really good..I'm just trying to survive the heat.  Its been good that its been raining this weekend! 
I miss you all!! I hope that you are all having a good week.. I love you guys!! 
May The Force Be With You Always
Elder Green

Monday, March 18, 2013

But whatever...we keep going!

Hey! So its been another week! This is really going by fast and i mean FAST!!!!!!!!! 
This week was great... lets start on Monday. We went to an gators house that we have been trying to see ever since I got here... so we finally got to see him. We committed him to baptism on the 30th of March! It's insane! LOL 

Tuesday I went on another exchange but I went with our district leader Elder Thomas.. and that was a crazy day! We had a meeting and we had the car but we took it from the spanish Elders til the meeting was over.. then drive all the way back to their house... then me and Elder Thomas had to ride from the spanish Elders house to ours which was FAR!!!!!!!!!! So that kinda sucked but we had a fun time! 

Then Wednesday and Thursday we just worked all day. But Friday I got in my official bike accident.. lol. Me and Elder Oliver were going down the side walk when this kid on his bike came out of no where... and we crashed. I messed up my leg a bit...but the other kid was fine... so ya that was fun(not really). 
Saturday we rode all the way to downtown Orlando which was long... and bad for my We met a member and they took us to dinner. We of course taught them and then we looked around a bit. With it being St. Patricks day Eve.. people were already partying so we left and went back home. 

Sunday was church which was good and we had a crazy day. We had a meeting with "K"she is the 9 yeard old we are teaching...we set an baptismal date for her for the 13th of April!!! After we taught her we had dinner with the Boyds... which I found out there nephew is Dennis Pitta (from BYU and now is playing Tight End for the Baltimore Ravens) I was like that's amazing!!!! I'm going to ask for an autograph next time I see After we left from dinner we were walking and I got a feeling that we needed to hurry and get to our bikes.... which were at the church. It was getting scary... there were a lot of drunk people all over so we ended up having a member pick us up and take us home. It got crazy fast. 

So that was this week pretty much...and oh ya so Tai.... the story about the British flag I sent you. Me and Elder Oliver were really thirsty... so we went to Publix (which is walmart here sort of) and we walk in... and we try to find some water bottles... and I hear this lady with an English accent.. and I was like "where is she?" lol ...I saw she was giving out English cheese samples and all the samples had the flag as a toothpick... so I knew I had to get one for you. AND I found a store in Orlando that is ALL British... stuff so I'll have to check it out for you.

I just read the email about Blue... I started to cry... even typing this I'm crying. That really sucks... I cant believe that happened so soon :'( But i know he's in a better place... I will miss him SO MUCH :'( 
I am doing good... it's getting hotter I think...I wish we could look at the weather. But whatever... we keep going!! 
I love all of you! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! 
"May The Force Be With You Always"
Elder Green

P.S.Mom...I'm so glad you liked your gift and Thank you Annie for the pics of Jackson and Charlee....that was SO great!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Gators in Florida!

Hey WHATS UP!!!!!!! This week as been really good!!!

Tuesday I went on exchanges for the first time with Elder Charbadze... he is from Russia. He is a really funny guy and we had a good time. I learned a lot from him. 

Wednesday me and Elder Oliver took one of our gators { Florida I guess that seems fitting} to the temple tours. That was really cool to learn more about the temple and to actually get to go of course. We didn't go inside.. but our gator really loved it and I know that really helped him to understand more of the church. It made me and Elder Oliver so happy to see him get pretty excited. 

That same day we got a thing in the mail which told us there was a package in the office of our apartment complex and we thought it was for Elder Oliver... so we get there and they say there is no package for him.. but for ME!! I laughed so hard.. he said "I'm shunning you!!"  I couldn't stop laughing.. but he did get a package later that day. So he finally stopped shunning me..LOL It was good stuff. 

We had two meetings this week. One on Thursday which was ok.. kinda boring.. didn't really learn anything. But then we tracked super time in Orlando and we got 3 or 4 potential gators... we will find out later this week on those. Our second meeting was on Friday... it was pretty long and was way better than Thursdays. It was just for the newbies(Me) and the trainers... so that was really helpful. Also on Friday we were told that we had to speak in church on Sunday. I was like... "Could have told me on Monday!!" We were supposed to be told on Monday.. but our ward mission leader forgot... so we had one day to write a talk!!! But we did it! I did pretty well I think... it was on missionary work. Me and Elder Oliver have been trying to get the ward doing missionary work... so what better example to have us talk... even though i am only 3 weeks old LOL.

We had dinner with a new family that moved here from Utah and they are really cool! The Pierce Family. Brother Pierce works for EA!!!!!!! {video games} I was freaking out!!! We talked about that for a bit... they are a really cool family.  We also will start teaching a family's daughter this week.. she is 9 and she is really excited to be baptized already.. even though we haven't even taught her... only her parents.  They were baptized 2 weeks ago (it's that pic of the baptism I sent you) I cant wait to teach her.

This week should be really good..but basically that's how this week has gone.
And NO ONE guessed anything right on the trivia... so i will give you all another chance.. and more of you should play that would be cool!! Have a GREAT WEEK!! 
May The Force Be With You Always :)
P.S. Mom.. you might be wondering why your B-day gift has not gotten to you..thats cuz i haven't sent it...LOL I got really busy last Monday.. so I promise I will send it today. And Thanks for that was sweet. Love You!
P.S.S. Tai.. I love the bonus pics you are drawing... Hint (you should draw me some clones so can hang them around my desk) :)




Monday, March 4, 2013

Star Wars is everywhere......

WOW!! It's already p-day again! This is crazy how fast time is going this week. 
We biked and it was not that great.. lol..  
I have been having problems with my asthma this week and its reacting a lot different then back at home.. but I am trying to figure out what to do.. but I'm still going! 
This week has had ups and downs...mostly downs. Everyone we tried to contact or who we set appointments with has just rejected us.. and its been tough....but we still are working. 
We had zone conference on Wednesday it was so cool.. I learned a lot of things that really helped me with contacting and tracting.  They had the leaving missionaries bear their testimonies and that was so amazing to feel that spirit.. we all cried it was so sweet.  And I'm like "Elder Oliver that's you in June!" and he was like "Don't say that I don't want to leave yet" and I laughed. Me and him are having good times. 
Thursday was so cool.. we went to dinner at Sullivans and they are Star Wars fanatics like me. They are part of the 501st (if you don't know what that is go to I always wanted to be part of the 501st! We had a great time with them. 
Friday we found this video on 
its called "Mountains To Climb". 
I want everyone to watch made me cry it is so powerful! We have used that video to teach and 
we have had members cry it is so cool! 
So please watch it. 
We found this really nice old lady when we tracking and she knows about Mormons. She said she watches the BYU channel sometimes and she was really interested in learning. After we talked with her the first time she gave us a hug (Tai you would love this lady I promise you) and we said we would come back sometime this week and see her and teach her more. That really helped us this week. 
We also have this 16 yr kid that is really interested. His mom is a member... so we have been talking to him a lot. So we will see where that goes! 
So I got my bike fixed and got it on Monday. I was thinking it was going to be a lot... but it only cost me $18.75. He told me that the brake line to my front brake was tore up and it was a factory problem. and i would have lost my brake in about another day...he didn't even charge me for i was so happy. Then gave us a discount.. it helped me so much.. but now its running great. 
And Mom.. I met Doctor Rose at the Zone Conference. We talked for a bit...and told him who I was and who you were... he thinks he remembers you. He told me next time I saw him to bring pics.  That was really cool to see him... and so ya.. just had to tell you that!
SO.. I have a trivia thing for whoever wants to play! 
What 3 things does every person have in Florida?? 
If you get 2 right.. I'll send you a treat! So just email me. I will see next week and tell you who won! 
{is someone begging for letters?? lol pretty slick!} 
So that's about it this week.. not much happened. This week will be better.. I know it!! 
Have a good week.. and May The Force Be With You Always!
Elder Green
P.S Mom thanks for that greenie package! Today I will send you your birthday gift..I love you so much!
Have a great week and what did you get for your b-day??
P.S.S G'ma thanks for your package that was really awesome! Love you!

{I did some's pretty interesting}
 The 501st Legion, also known as 501st Battalion. Was a group of faithful warriors who fought in a number of battles during the Galactic Civil War in an effort to defeat the Rebel Alliance and bring peace to the galaxy. 

P.S. I also noticed that the mission blog has been updated with pics of Treavor on there!