Friday, August 16, 2013

Truckin along...........

Treavor is continuing with Physical Therapy...he goes twice a week.

We met with Dr Higginbotham today after his physical therapy for a 2 week follow up appointment. 
Treavor is still having a lot of pain in his knee...and told the Doctor that the pain level hasn't changed much. 

The Doctor felt like it was a good time to try a cortisone shot to the knee and see how that affected things. It was interesting to watch that procedure... it looked super painful....GAH! But Treavor handled it like a

He is pretty sore tonight which apparently is normal...and hopefully he will be feeling the positive effects of the shot soon.

We see the Doctor again in 2 weeks and will go from there!

Thanks to everyone for the supportive phone calls, letters and texts they send him!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

And so it begins......

Treavor started physical therapy today...he will be going twice a week. His coach was awesome and gave him some exercises to do at home. Treavor was upbeat and did good today. He really liked the 'ice therapy" machine (top right corner)..he said it felt so good on his knee. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On the mending road......

Treavor had his first Doctor visit at home on Monday. 
Dr. Higginbotham looked over the MRI, X-rays and Doctor reports from Florida. He said Treavor has a lot of bone bruising.... (he said bruising of the bone activates the same nerves as bone breakage).... and there was also still quite a bit of swelling and fluid. Treavor starts physical therapy this week and sees the doctor again in 2 weeks. He was given some good meds for the pain and inflammation. He was instructed to stay off of it, use his crutches, and ice it like crazy. We will run with this info and see what happens!

He's doing amazing. He's had a lot of visitors and phone calls..(even some from the members in Florida!) He seems to be adjusting well..... and it's been so fun to have him home!!

Friday, July 26, 2013


This is Elder Green's letter from Monday the 22nd.

Hey! This week has been pretty good and crazy! 

Monday we had a great p-day playing Mafia... lol we just had a good time. Then my companions had an exchange. 

Tuesday we got up and Elder and Sister Busath picked me up and went to the mission office. I have been answering calls and doing paper work... stuff like that. They had me a few times through out the week and I would also go to the Employment office and helped them out too.  That's what I did on Wednesday and part of Thursday.

Later Thursday I went to the Physical Therapist and that was OOBER painful and then I find out that I shouldn't have gone there... cuz later that night I get a call that they found something they missed in my MRI. 

Friday was the craziest day... so in the morning Sister Nelson (Mission Nurse) calls and tells me that I have to go buy crutches and to stay off my knee as much as possible. So I did that. And then I went to the office for an hour and she told me the problems with my MRI.  Then later that night President Berry texted us and he wanted to see me. So we had our meeting and he told me it was going to be better for my knee to heal at home.

Saturday we worked cuz the office was closed and that was good. We saw a lot of good people. 

Sunday I was good..I was able to collect everything that I have been told. It;s just been really crazy. We saw some really cool people and we set a baptismal date for one of them. It was great.  Hope that you all had a great week! 


There was a LOT of shenanigans that happened in the next 18 hours! A LOT of phone calls and panicking!!
Including buying new bedding and new clothes (I thought I had 2 years to do
Tai and I ran around like crazies getting ready for Treavor to come home. There were so many emotions involved.... happy and excited...and nervous...and sad to think that Treavor might be sad.

ANYWAY.....Elder Green is home! 

It was a VERY long day for everyone including Elder Green....his flight was delayed and he had to sit in the in the Orlando airport for 3 hours. My entire family was there waiting for him at 11 pm! It was very exciting and my heart was pounding. I totally STALKED the Delta website watching his plane the ENTIRE flight from Orlando to home.

This was the next morning...just after he had been released. We went to breakfast together and it was fantastic. He has been missed. And he is SO such a positive and amazing way. This son of mine has things to teach his Mom. I couldn't be more proud of him and the person that he is. 

Everyone is asking the question.....
Is he going back? or When is he going back??
The answer is:
We don't know.

He has an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor on Monday morning and we will start from scratch on getting him healed. He is in a lot of pain and can barely walk. We have heard everything from 6 weeks to 6 months. So the plan for now is to get him healthy...and the rest is between Treavor and God.  

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for Treavor...sent him letters and packages...and everyone who has helped him in any way on his mission. 
We are so grateful!!

We will continue to blog his keep following! 

If you would like to get a hold of Treavor his new cell phone number is 435-213-7633.

Here are some pictures he sent me right before he came home.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

First transfer and new assignment!

Hey everybody! This week has been OOBER crazy! 
To start off... Monday  we got together and we played volleyball.. not me of course I kept score :( 
Then "H" called us and said he wasn't having a good day. So we went and saw him... cheered him up! 

Then Tuesday we got up and had to take the car to Goldenrod Area. After that we went and saw "C" and that went really well. We set up a baptismal interview and she was baptized on Saturday (I forgot my camera..I will send pics later) After Courtney we went and saw a non-active member family and had dinner with them. We are now working with them and its great. 

Wednesday was crazy! We got up and were studying and I got a call from Sister Neilson (the mission Nurse) and she told us to go get the results from my MRI. So we had to call Goldenrod...get them and the car and go to the Hospital and get a CD of my results. We hung out with Goldenrod Elders until our meeting with President Berry... which was fantastic. He is a very soft spoken guy...very caring about everything. He was making sure I was doing good.. and making sure I wasn't walking too much. It was funny..I love him. Sister Berry is really awesome! She is very nice and she is really prepared for this mission. It's great.. love them both! After that we went on exchanges. I went to the spanish area which once again I DON'T SPEAK SPANISH! lol I have definitely learned more tho. 

Thursday I was with the spanish Elders having fun... and I get a call from the Mission assistants telling me that I am going to be transferred out of Winter Park and become an Mission office Elder starting Saturday. I was super bummed out. We still have two more weeks till transfers were supposed to happen... so it was crazy. 

Friday nothing really happened... sorry to say we just couldn't do anything until dinner. 

Saturday was "C"'s Baptism and that was great! Elder Weston baptized her. It was so good. When we got home...I packed up and waited for the assistants. "H & T" took us to Jeremiahs for the last time... they cried. They dropped us off and then the assistants showed up and took me to Hunter's Creek Zone Leaders house. I will live there for I don't know how long...I guess until my knee is better. It's kindof hard for me cuz I just want to get out there and WORK! But I will be in the mission office helping them out for a while starting today at 3:00. It's in Hunters Creek and about 15 min from Disney World. I have 2 companions now..Elder Howard and Elder Niederhauser.

Sunday was weird. It was my first Single adults ward so that was interesting. We taught a lot of lessons it was fun. That was this week. I hope you all had a great week! I love you all!
Love Elder Green 

Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey Everybody! 
This week has been crazy with getting an MRI and x-ray... and being the 4th of July all in one week! It was fun though. 
To start off I have hit 51 ties!! :) It's awesome... I will send pics some other time! Weston had 365 ties

Tuesday we got up and we studied for "M" cuz we were going to see him in the morning. When we got to the car... Bro. Naughtin called and was like "Hey you guys should come see me this morning"... so I set up an appointment quick and then we drove there ASAP. We got there and he checked out my knee and had another doctor come in who just happens to be the doctor for the Florida Gators (wha?) ... and they ordered an MRI and a X-ray that same day... it was at 3:00 pm and it took forever. The MRI and the X-ray took two and a half hours. Weston was pretty bored and so was I.. lol. We finally left and they told us that the results would go to Bro. Naughtin and he would call me. Then we went to Stroye's and taught "C" which went well. 

Wednesday we were studying and Bro. Naughtin called and my heart fell to my feet I was so worried about what he would say. I'm still worried about it now... but then I called President Berry and left a message. Then it got crazy cuz we just got a new missionary doctor and she was talking to Bro. Naughtin and saying that my knee is  going to take too long to heal so they should just send me home. Bro. Naughtin said "Whoa! Hold your horses!" He saved me there.. but my knee still hurts so much that I guess she is still thinking about it though.  I have a meeting with President Berry on the 10th. So I will know more then. Anyway... later that day that Bro. Hawkins took us to lunch to a  REAL country club. That was my first time at one... and WOW the food was amazing!!! Then we went to Stroye's and I taught "C" while Weston was helping Stroye with his garage and that went pretty good. 

Thursday we had Zone Meeting which was fantastic. We got a lot of cool we now wear our name tags on the right (mainly for suits unless you have a pocket on the right)... and also that we could stay out an hour later for Fireworks on the 4th. It was awesome. Before the meeting the wards were doing a huge breakfast so that was great...and then we went and helped Stroye some more in his garage... lol. Then about 8 pm.. we got our district and went to downtown Orlando and watched the fireworks... which were so great! And oh my GOSH!!!... that place was so packed I thought we would be squished to death!!! It was crazy but it was good for contacting. Then we all went to Jeremiahs Ice after :) 

Friday was good.. we were very tired.. lol. We were studying a lot... then some sisters called us and asked us to go to the hospital and give a blessing to a sister. She had blood clots in her chest and they removed something.... I don't remember what. So we helped her out. Then we went to the Bishops and talked about the ward. He asked us if we know how to work computers and asked if we could help him tomorrow. So Saturday we helped the bishop with his laptop. After we went and taught "C".. but she was swimming. So we went to "H & T's" place and saw how they were doing. 

Sunday was great. It was fast Sunday and the Bishop came up to us and said "Hey could you both bear your testimony's in 30 seconds to be like an example to others who talk for ever?" lol...So we did. But the best part was when "H" went up there! His testimony was so awesome and so powerful! Then we ended up having to teach Sunday school...  and we will next week as well. So it was crazy lol. Then after church we got home we studied a lot.  At 4 we went back to the church for a baptism.. it was cool. Then we tried to see "M" but he wasn't feeling good... so we just studied most of the time. 
That was our week! I hope that your week was great! Tell me what you guys did for the 4th.
I love you all! 
LovE elDeR GReeN

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Knee Update

I got a phone call from Dr. Naughtin this morning. A very welcome phone call!!

He said "Hey Sister Green...this is Dr. Naughtin from Florida and I've been takin care of your kid!" :)

He was driving to the Florida Keys on his way with the Young Men's group for the Youth Camping trip. How would that be?? lol

Anyway, he said he wanted to give me an update about Elder Green's knee. He said they had done the MRI and it showed that his bone was bruised. Both his femur bone and his kneecap. He said that Elder Green fell directly on his knee-cap and it squished his cartilage underneath.... and hit so hard it bruised the bone. His cartilage under the knee-cap was torn but everything else in there looked to be ok. This is very good news. As of right now there is no surgery needed. He is supposed to be careful with it and let the healing take place. (yeah right)

He said there was a chance there could be a piece of cartilage loose in there, but they were going to wait and see how things went the next week or so. And if needed they could scope it and clean it out. But for now....everything is good to go.

He said that Elder Green was everyone's favorite...(lol..I am not suprised!)...and that he has been working hard. This knee injury hasn't kept him down much even tho it should have (probably the reason for the slow healing). He said Elder Green and Elder Weston have not stopped making appointments and are super dedicated missionaries.

A sincere thank you to a very funny Dr. Naughtin for taking the time to call this missionary mom!

Keep Elder Green in your prayers!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Mission President and Website

Here's the link to the New Florida Orland Mission Website!
It looks like it will be quite a fancy website when it gets totally up and going.

President and Sister Berry look so great! 
 Check it......

Monday, July 1, 2013

I don't speak Spanish...

Hey everybody!
This week has been ok. 
Tuesday was good.. we had district meeting which was great. It was funny... the whole church was filled with the scouts.. so we had our meeting in the High council room. That was fun... then we went to 4Rivers Steakhouse for lunch :) I love that place.

We got home and went to the computers. I was so tired that I fell asleep on the bench while Elder Weston was on the computers. Stroye picked us up for an appointment and that went well. 

Wednesday nothing happened till the evening. The young men & women had planned for us to take them out with us... so that was really fun. I took a group to see "H & T" and Elder Weston took a group to tract and contact some other people. There was a third group and we sent them to a different gator of ours. So that went well... it was so fun! 

Thursday we got up and got ready and had Goldenrod Elders pick us up cause they had the car. Elder Weston had to do a baptismal Interview for the Goldenrod Sisters so that was fun. I just sat there talking to the others till Weston was done. Then we went home and I iced my knee and we cleaned.  

Friday was crazy so at 5 o'clock the new mission president was put in charge. So we were all excited and sad to have President and Sister Hall leave. But the new president..President Berry... is really really different then President Hall its President Berry is so loving and not as straight forward as Pres Hall...I like him. I haven't met him face to face yet..but I have talked with him. Anyway Friday in the morning.. we get a call from the Zone Leader's to go give a blessing to a kid at the hospital... so we called Stroye to help us get there. It was great to be able to help them. Then we saw our gator Mario.. which went well. After that Bro. Walker called us to see if we could help another member in the ward to move. We went on exchanges after that... I went to Valencia South which is Spanish speaking... so this was a fun experience. 

So on Saturday.. I'm with the Spanish Elders and they are in a trio.. so we go to appointments and of course I didn't speak at it was crazy. All i said is "I don't speak Spanish" lol. I was trying to speak Spanish the whole day no success! lol but i tried. We exchanged back that night and I started to feel sick... I think it was from dinner. 

Sunday was good.. all about the 4 of July.. so that was fun. I was still feeling a little sick.. it was crazy. After church we got home and we planned for that night exactly how we were going to get to our appointments. I had to call President Berry about my knee situation.. (I am having an MRI this week...and I will let you know ASAP. It really sucks) And then we had two dinners which was so hard... we were so full...I thought I was going to throw up...but Elder Weston actually did!... it was funny and bad at the same time LOL :) 

Kamp Shirt arrived!! 
(I love that they wrote on the mirror "WHAT DO YOU SEE?)

That was our week and I hope that you all have a great week! I love you all!
Love Elder Green 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Lookin' good!! and SMOKIN' HOT BIKE!!