Friday, November 30, 2012

Party Planning Is A Go!

Tai Again.. (:

And we set up a date for Treavor's farewell.

January 27th, 2013 
(church starts at 11 am with a luncheon to follow)
Mark it on your calendars!
Write it down!
Singe it into your brain!

Because this is going to be a FUN day.

You know it's going to be good..
..because me and Mom have a secret Pinterest board dedicated  to this..
We are taking extra measures just so you will all be surprised.
And because her and I make such an amazing  duo,
there is no way for us to fail..

Get your party pants on.

*Sorry this post is pretty short and text-less.. 
But I tried to jazz it up with fonts and stuff... 
You know... 
 Whatever (:

Monday, November 26, 2012

a peek

A little peek.................
Of what I saw!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


It's REAL!

Here's the video of Treavor opening his mission call...

It was such a fun and HEARTPOUNDING moment.....
I feel really good about Treavor going to Florida....very peaceful and excited and proud...but the Mom in me is scared and I cry every time I think of not being able to see his sweet face anytime I want for 2 years!! I know my selfishness will fade....I am so proud of him and this is exactly where he needs to be. 
His FIRST plane ride was to Orlando....and his SECOND will be to Orlando!! This time it will be just little longer than a weeks vacation tho... :)

Florida is getting a great gift.... Treavor will be an amazing're welcome FLO-RIDA!!
(and yes can go to Disneyworld on your P-day!)

Treavor will be entering the MTC on January 30, 2013.
 Time to get to work.........


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dear Mailman..

My name is Tai,
I'm Treavor's favorite {and only} sister
And since I helped to create this lovely blog, I get to post on here too. (:

Me and Treavor have been home this morning,
not-so-patiently waiting for the mailman.
Chewing gum, blasting music, throwing a football around..
Anything to keep our minds occupied..
As time was dragging on, we just ended up staring our the window in silence.

And then we saw the beautiful sight of the Mailmobile at precisely 2:08pm..
The cute old man in his postal service outfit put the neighbor's mail in their box..
Then the perfectly white envelope that he squished into our mailbox..
Then Treavor looks at me with eyes THIS BIG and just said

"That's it."

I waved at the mailman and he laughed and waved back..
Then Treavor was off the couch and out the door before I could even blink. I went out side as he sprinted to the mail box. I'm not kidding.. he was bolting
He screamed YES! and then was like
"I have to send a mass text.. I have to tell everyone.."

He's glowing, and so excited.. 
I don't think I have ever seen him so happy.

So THERE.. That's the story. 

We'll be opening his call TONIGHT with our family..
and we'll keep you updated.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today is the Day.....

Treavor's mission call will be assigned today....


"All my life, from the time I have been a young boy and as far back as I can remember, I have had experiences feeling the Holy Ghost...But I have never felt what I have felt as I have participated in the assigning of missionaries....
We go into a room and it will be a two or three hour session and sometimes longer. Because of technology, it is possible for us to have your picture and the information about you displayed. And then quickly, on that same screen, all the missions of the Church with all of their needs are displayed. Within minutes, and sometimes less than a minute, the impression comes so powerfully that it would be, if it were a single instance, something that you would never forget. Can you imagine sitting there for hours at a time, having that happen time after time without interruption? I testify to you that it is real...
In a world so large, the Creator...somehow not only knows you but loves you enough to ensure that your call is where He needs you to go to teach the children of our Heavenly Father"

~Elder Henry B. Eyring


I am a ridiculously teary and thankful mom today....having faith that my son will be sent where he is needed....where he will learn and grow...where he will be safe from home....


His call will be here this coming Wednesday....stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


SO...its getting closer for Treavor to receive his mission call...
within the next 2 weeks!! 

Thought it would be fun to have everyone guess where they think he will be serving...
There will be a prize for the closest guess...            

Here's a list of guesses so far...feel free to comment your guess!

Family Guesses

Treavor- Scotland, Norway or possibly Russia
Kristi-  Illinois, Russia or the Death Star
Mike- Illinois (we did not discuss this!)
Tai- United Kingdom
Grandma- England or Massachusetts
Grandpa- Texas or Pennsylvania
Keri- Ireland
Matt- Georgia
Josh- Scotland
Tanner- Planet Naboo
Landon- New York
Kim-  Australia or Virgin Islands
Darin- Texas or Ireland
Zac- Scotland or Maryland
Kenzie- Texas
Brent- Florida
Mattie- Ohio
Kell- Switzerland
Mollie- Chili or Russia
Amie- Canada
Chad- Wisconsin
Justin- Brazil
Tyson- Italy
Meghan- Illinois
Millie- Arizona
Annie- Australia
Mike West – Australia
Abbie- Canada
Autumn- Asia or Texas
Jackson- New York
Charlee- Church or someone’s house
Other Friends and Family

Chris- Mexico
Lark- Guam
Kelly- England
Steve- France
Jake- Mexico
Lacey- China
Andy- England
Laurilee- Tonga
Randy- Georgia
Kory- Wisconsin
Pam- Germany/Switzerland
Shelley- Canada (French speaking)
Bryan- Georgia
Max- Australia
Drew- Wisconsin or Australia
Leslee- New Jersey
Kristen- Argentina
Stacie- Florida 
Brittany- Brazil
Sandy- England
Wesley- California or Germany
Alison- Guatemala
Nate- Alabama or England
Marisa- Argentina
Corey- California (spanish speaking)
Nathaniel- Brazil
Cory- South America
Nate P.- Texas
Shane- Arkansas
Ryker- Ethiopia or Switzerland
Kyle- Ohio
Ben- Alaska
Gary- South Nibley
Santi- Alabama

Check back....
We'll let you know as soon as his call comes!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I've been thinking.......

and can just GO SOMEWHERE ELSE....


There has been a lot of "discouraging" and "negatively distracting" things come across Treavor's path in the last few days....

He literally has jumped them like hurdles on the track....not even looking back.

See this???? this is a FORCE FIELD..... that is the gospel and our family....... 
[yes...its from star]

SO HIT THE ROAD SATAN....we KNOW what you're trying to do...and we SEE YOU.... sell it somewhere else pal!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012


First things first.......I woke up to find this...............

It made my heart know Treavor had been studying his scriptures. It was a yummy mom moment .


I'm pretty sure all three of us had a full range of feelings that morning... it was somewhat of a roller coaster day. But for was a day of gratitude and understanding...I am completely in love with my children....and I am thankful for knowing things work out they way they should......eventually....... 

Treavor's Patriarchal blessing was at was beautiful...... definitely felt the spirit......surrounded by people who love him so much and are so proud of him. 

I was so proud of Treavor during the day... some chaos and a lot of distraction...but he stayed focused.....on course... on what he needed to do.....on what he has chosen to do.....TREAVOR'S CHOICES!!!..the path HE has chosen to take... 


He had his meeting with the Stake President after his blessing and was told his papers would be sent off TODAY! 
.............SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!!!!!
His call could be here BEFORE thanksgiving!!!

He is so excited and our whole family is excited for him.... it ended up being a very good day....


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fastest papers this side of the Mississippi!!

Got a call from the Bishop at my work yesterday...he was trying to get a hold of Treavor.  (hmmmm...treavor sleeping at noon??...weird....phht)
He said he spoke with the Stake President that morning and the President said "Wow..that Treavor Green has to have set a missionary record for getting his papers in!"
I told the bishop WE DON'T MESS AROUND!!

Treavor met with the Bishop yesterday and his papers were forwarded to the Stake President ALSO yesterday! 
AND THEN.......wait for it........

The Stake President called Treavor and asked to meet with him later today after his Patriarchal Blessing!!! 
(I will add a visual for you at this juncture....imagine Treavor running around the house like the kid from the home alone movie.......its real)

I'm not gonna lie......I'm kinda freaked out a little.......   but in a good way....


look at these sweet happy beaming faces.....


BUT THEN........
WE FINISHED IT.......(well mostly)
[insert gag noises here]
...I'm honestly still sick to my stomach....who's dumb idea was that anyway.......gahhh.'s your free bumper sticker and a free lifetime of're welcome...
Today will be a great one....
Patriarchal Blessing and meeting with the Stake Prez...followed by dinner with the fam.....
Check back later............


P.S.  CONGRATS to our sweet Tanner (treavor's cousin or brutha from anutha mutha) 
He went thru the temple for the first time yesterday...another step on his way to his HAWAII MISSION! Love that kid......
Check out his blog!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tied Together------

Elder Joshua Shoemaker  { MIA already out in the field}
Elder Zac Watts   {far left, ALSO MIA}
Elder Treavor Green  {Soon to be MIA somewhere in the galaxy}
Elder Tanner Shoemaker  {Also soon to be MIA in Honolulu, Hawaii}
And in 2 years-ish, soon to be Elder Landon Shoemaker {Far right}


My Papers are in!!!!!!!

I did it... I have sent in my papers to the bishop. And now we wait... i can't wait to go :)