Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It's done!
Like a band-aid!

 So this was Treavor last night, before getting set apart.. 
listening to Muse and saying goodbye to his phone.

And then toooodayyyyy.... we stopped for breakfast
at El Cracker Barrel.
{not sure why I put El in front.. Sounded cool}

Found this

Went to a parking lot to get pics before we got to the 

This guy {picture below}hopped in the back of the truck like a spider monkey and got the second suitcase out.
He was rushing us out of there like nobody's business..
he was a nice guy..
But I'm gonna hug my brother for as long as I would like, OKAY?

So there was one hug..

Then there was hug #2..

{ps, my hair is gross looking.. don't care right now}
Then there were some {manly unknown words spoken} and hug #3

and then LITERALLY...
turned around, looked back...

and he was gone.

...Like long gone..

Like.. already out of sight gone..


Now I'm gonna go cry in a hole now..


Okay, so.

Great website.
Free letters to Elders/Sisters in the MTC.

Click on "Send Letter"
Then "Provo MTC (FREE)"
Fill out your info, then his.
Elder Treavor Green
(Mailbox) 343
(Mission Code) FL-ORL
(Est. Departure Date) 0218

Write your letter, and it will be delivered 
{a real physical sheet of paper} 
either that very same day or the next day.

It's awesome.
And it's free..
No excuses not to do it. 
Show your love.

{He is leaving the MTC on the 18th, so this is only valid while he is there.}



Love you all.. 


As I went downstairs this morning to wake my son...(last time for 2 years)
I watched him sleep for a moment.....
That is a tear jerker right there....have you ever tried that? I suggest you do it.....

and how completely humble I am as a mother today....

The first thing that came to my mind was The Spartans....
{I don't know why}

But the Spartan women sent there sons out to become men at the ripe 'ol age of 8 or even earlier...
and told to "bring home their shields or be brought home on it" 

That for some reason made me grateful this morning....I  wonder why? lol
Sheesh... those Spartan Mom's are BOSSY!!!!

I watched Treavor say goodbye to his phone last night before becoming set apart as a full time missionary....

It was such an example to me....  of my son willingly giving up something he didn't want to...for something he knows he needs to.

  {total obedience}....and I have no doubt he will do this during his entire 2 years. 

We played board games and I stuffed his face with some of his favorite Mom foods...
And I have to tell you....even with some of the nerves and some obvious "i'm gonna miss him like crazy" feelings....
I feel total peace this morning as I type this....
(Just give me a few

Sorry no pics...busy morning... 
I have to get ready to send my son out to save the world....


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's real..

...It's really real...

This is happening everybody..
in less than 24 hours it will be the last time I (his super awesome sister) look upon his face for 
approximately seven hundred and thirty days..
{not including pictures and skype and stuff... but you get my drift}

Dear and sweet Tanner Shoemaker
{our cousin}
is in the MTC and just wrote a letter today that made me warm and fuzzy.
He has mentioned Treavor in each one of his letters so far..
Look it all up.. CLICK HERE

Im just so excited for and proud of Treavor.. 
I know he is going to do great, and there is going to be ups and downs..
But I know he will square his shoulders..

Because he went to Cuzin's Kamp.. 

He did the hikes.

He cleaned the table on girl-cooking-day, and cooked on boy-cooking-day.
He has survived the terrible sunburns from the Brigham City Pool with KFC.
He has taken out the trash, set up the flag, and played in the mud.

So seven hundred and thirty days...


He's got this.

Side notes:

Mom, I hope you cried... because i did.
Grandpa Dave, I love you, and thank you for giving us the chance to earn the tools under our belts during Cuzin's Kamp.
If you're reading this, you get two posts today because we slacked off this past week.. and thank you for your support.
Everyone has been so kind to our family, and helping to get Treavor prepared and we are eternally grateful.


I haven't done very well keeping this blog updated.... I'M SORRY OK??!!
LET IT GO!!! :)

Things have been a little crazy and overwhelming the last couple days.

Just wanted to share the latest.

FAREWELL WAS FANTASTIC! Treavor did so well with his talk... I'm so impressed with him and I look up to him so much. He has so much COURAGE! 
Love that kid!

We had a fun snowy day!

With Grandpa & Grandma Walker.....Doesn't he just look so handsome in his suit!!

A little Yoda to finish off the party!  
All of these toys are truly Treavor's...the light sabers are so banged up and worn....even complete with little puppy bites from when Blue was tiny.
We had a full house..and it was so fun to have everyone come and spend time with their support and say sweet goodbyes...

We had some family time after dinner....every one went around and gave their advice for Treavor. It was very sweet. 
Treavor and his cousin Zac..... I can hardly look at this picture without tearing up... such genuine love....
They exchanged ties with each other... to wear when they miss each other...Love this!
Treavor will be at the MTC waiting for Zac when he leaves in 2 weeks!
(Tanner will be there waiting for Treavor tomorrow!!)

This moment stole a piece of my soul.....
This is Jackson and Treavor saying goodbye....
They have been soul mates since Jackson has been born.... Complete and total buddies even with the 10 year age difference...
Treavor gave him a tie to wear whenever he misses him....and Jackson gave Treavor a picture to put by his bed and a Yoda doll wearing a tie....cutest thing ever...

It was a super day....
For a more detailed report of the days activities....
go here  <---------
{Annie has more time than me right now OK!!??...her pics and descriptions are better but just THIS TIME! lol}

and now...................................

Making the list.....checking it twice....... {i sang that}
Just praying that he looks thru everything once he gets to the MTC..
AND THEN...he can get it all back in when he leaves!! 
I'm pretty much a professional am guessing that his packing skills are gonna be more of a "stuffing it in there" variety.....

27 hours until OPERATION MTC DROP OFF!!


Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hey. It's Tai.

Farewell official details, and such.
January 27th @ 11:00 
65 East Center Street
Hyde Park, Utah

Be there or be square.

Right now, mom's gone.
Just me, Treav, and the dog...

Our days have been filled with.. 

That's right.. Doctor Who. 
with the TARDIS, Daleks, Sonic Screwdrivers, Cybermen...

Watching season after season...

Terrible special effects and all!

I can't help but talk in a British accent..

It's a pre-mission binge of TV, Movies, and Football..

AFC championships today, and Treavor is dying.. It's his last Patriots game for two years.
To soften the blow, me and Treavor went to get snacks yesterday. 
We ended up in the weird section.. With all the vegan meats and soy patties.. 
flax seed in bulk next to the powdered goat milk..
Treavor saw some of the vegan meats and looked up at me with the saddest eyes ever.. 

He said..

"Why would somebody do this to sausage? Why?

He basically cradled it like a baby.. I was a little concerned for him at that point.



T-Minus 10 days to MTC drop off.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Had to.....

I wasn't going to post anything about this......cuz i can hardly talk about it without bawling......

BUT I JUST HAVE TO..... my heart is pounding and my facial cheeks are  HOT PINK!

I have no words.....

this is my sister Keri.......dropping off her sweet son at the MTC yesterday......

I   AM   AFRAID....

i can't even explain to you the feelings and thoughts going thru my mind......and i think i'm going crazy....and i'm losing it....
see the curb in the picture?? SEE IT???!
its a curb...
like curbside.........   like take out food or something......

i love you Keri....and I'm so proud of are so strong and i look up to you so much.....and him...and them.  
How lucky am i that i have TWO sisters going thru this with me!!
My sister Kim is sending her Elder Zachary David Watts.... just 2 weeks after Treavor.

{.........and now I don't wanna talk about it anymore}

Be CAREFUL what you pray for.....

Treavor and I walked into The Kater Shop yesterday afternoon......

they have been SO DARLING to Treavor.... they have literally taken care of his every need.  The workers there are all returned missionaries and are SO SWEET and helpful.

and our conversation with the owner went something like this:

Brother Hammond: HEY TREAVOR!! We are so glad to see you!

Treavor: Hey!

Brother Hammond: We have all the shirts you ordered here and ready to go!

Treavor: Awesome! Thanks!

Brother Hammond: It's almost time! How many days left?

Treavor: Yeah....I leave in 14 days.

Brother Hammond: WOW..its coming fast! You getting excited?

Treavor: Yes...really excited.

Brother Hammond: (now directed toward me) So someone in the ward wanted to buy all Treavor's you have the receipt with you?

Me: (open mouth nothing coming out look of "i'm sorry what did you say?")
Yes I do have it?

Brother Hammond: Well lets get this refunded to you.......


We walked out of there with bags and bags of much needed missionary supplies....
Because of some wonderful person in my ward (he wouldn't tell me who)...I was able to get almost EVERY SINGLE THING left on Treavor's list crossed off.
I do NOT HAVE WORDS to explain how I felt walking out of that store yesterday! Such a huge relief... and HUGE blessing!!



13 DAYS!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little too real....

So...I don't know if y'all are aware....but this is really happening.

And I think I just realized how real it is....  its real...   so really real.......

Sunday was Tanner's farewell (Treavor's cousin)....
Tanner is leaving tomorrow to serve his mission in Hawaii.... 
So after the farewell....
I was sitting at my sisters house after dinner... just looking at Tanner...... and then at Treavor....and then at Zac......
{tears a flowin....}
How do I just hug them....and then not see them for 2 years? How are they so brave? How do they know what to do? Are they scared or is it just me? How do we just drop them off....and watch them walk away?


If they can be can i...

If they can have can i...

If they can have can i...

Who said kids don't teach their parents!!?

-picture from the farewell sunday-
(Zac, Tanner, Treav and Landon)


sooooooooo.... a lot of dumb distractions this last week.... whatever.... Dad gave an awesome little "grandpa talk" on Sunday....
and he said...."don't quit"... I won't. 



I've been working on some things to keep my mind busy.....

 This is Treavor's wall....
...ready to mark where he is....... and where he's been ...
to add pictures and cool stuff as the years go by...
(yes... it could be seen as a creepy stalker shrine..... whatevs... don't judge)

 and who DOESN'T need one of these??  I mean really.......
Made this little gem with Treavor's "Galactic Empire" needs in mind.....

Keep you posted....
 15 DAYS!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

His new best friend.....

These 2 are going to become VERY close......

Meet Elder Green's first companion...
He should be VERY comfy on this bike.....
1 more thing off the list....


22 DAYS!


Saturday, January 5, 2013


Preparations are coming along....

The day is getting closer.....

I just wanted to write a public thank you to a few people who have really helped get Treavor (and ME) ready to go...especially this last couple of weeks.......physically.......financially.......and mentally.

First to my Mom.....
Treavor and my Mother have always had a special relationship....
He ADORES his grandma...and I mean he is truly in love with her.... 
he is always aware of where grandma is... and if she's ok....helping her......
always holding her hand....
he won't let her walk alone....EVER
I think she may miss him most of all.... 
(only picture I could find quick....this is from Cuzin's Kamp 2009 at the Idaho Cabin...
wherever grandma'll find Treavor)

(and a shout out to my Dad.....full of love...he has been Treavor's NORTH STAR for his entire life... Thank you for all of your grandpa lessons..... 
I couldn't ask for a better Grandpa for my son......thank you Dad)

* sister Keri...
This is Treavor's second mom... She loves him like one of her own.
And I personally don't know what I would have done without her helping me down this [missionary mom] truly helps having someone who has gone thru it before to help guide me. 
She is truly is my big sister...and i love her very much.  
{i am thankful to all my sisters for their love of treavor....IT TAKES A VILLAGE}


3rd...but certainly NOT sweet  mike russell.

Treavor looks up to him so much.... 
they have bonded over the years and have a good friendship full of FUN....R-E-S-P-E-C-T (i sang that)  
and FOOTBALL...[go patriots]....
Not to mention the police ride-a-long "man time"...
Treavor loves this so much. 
Russell has been such a good example for Treavor.... AND ME...he is constantly encouraging me....and helps keep me calm... patient....and sane...{i'm faking it}
Mike gave me the fortune from his fortune cookie the other day that said:
He said..."i think this is yours"....... 
but really......I think its Treavors.
Thank you Mike...i love you....  we love you.


So many people have been part of Treavor's "school of fish"...and I truly don't believe Treavor would be where he is without the support and love from EACH FISH! So thank you to EVERY ONE for EVERY THING you have done and said and taught Treavor. 

25 DAYS!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Treavor spoke in sacrament meeting on Sunday for the FIRST TIME!

It was a very chilly day!! Icicle overload at the church...

He was so nervous but he did great!

Treav with Gramps

During the week... I gave him some ideas of things to talk about... He sat and wrote and wrote and wrote......then he let me read what he'd written.  
I have to tell you that I don't even know who this kid is anymore..... he just purely amazes me.  I suppose its because he's not a kid any longer....and his focus has changed.... therefore HE has changed. 


I sat and stared at him sitting up there on the stage (he is so humongous) he was squished between the other speakers...and he just looked grown massive.... and he just glows. 


...and then I cried.... thinking he's leaving me.... and how much I'm gonna miss him... 

I'm gonna miss his hugs... he purely drowns me with his wonderful hugs...... 
and his laughter... best-laugh-ever....
I'm gonna miss feeding him.....I have never been able to keep Treavor's tummy full since he was born.
I'm gonna miss when he sings and thinks no one's listening... and his rage screams when he watches football..... and his sissy screams while he's killing zombies...


He has so much to give......and he will bring light to others lives just has he has brought light to mine. 

I couldn't get Charlee to open her eyes....  :) OPEN YOUR EYES CHUCK!

Our little fam.....

28 DAYS!