Friday, August 16, 2013

Truckin along...........

Treavor is continuing with Physical Therapy...he goes twice a week.

We met with Dr Higginbotham today after his physical therapy for a 2 week follow up appointment. 
Treavor is still having a lot of pain in his knee...and told the Doctor that the pain level hasn't changed much. 

The Doctor felt like it was a good time to try a cortisone shot to the knee and see how that affected things. It was interesting to watch that procedure... it looked super painful....GAH! But Treavor handled it like a

He is pretty sore tonight which apparently is normal...and hopefully he will be feeling the positive effects of the shot soon.

We see the Doctor again in 2 weeks and will go from there!

Thanks to everyone for the supportive phone calls, letters and texts they send him!!

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