Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cousins (repost)

Here are these handsome missionaries again!

I'm reposting the picture Annie posted since Josh's face has perfectly been photo-shopped in over Landon's face...hahaha...can't even tell.  (its creepy ok!?)

I love this picture...they all love each other so much! How fun for them to be "in it" together and supporting each other


Slooooowly (and I mean slooooowly) transitioning from talking about video games to scriptures.... LOVE IT.

Here's another jewel of a photo...
The 3 amigo's having lunch together at Angie's yesterday....I don't think they stopped talking for ONE SECOND... 

Kristi: Hey should shave today....and we need to cut your hair. 
Treavor: Nah...I'm good Mom.
Kristi:'re all REALLY hairy.
Treavor: Mom...I'm gonna have to shave everyday for TWO years....I'm taking a break until I leave. 
Kristi:  Good win.  
(i'm pretty sure he used a Jedi mind trick on me....but....who cares..)


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