Monday, December 17, 2012

ELDER.......its real now.....

(love the sound of that)


Treavor was ordained an Elder yesterday....
He was given a beautiful blessing and ordained by his 
Grandpa Walker...
It was so neat to see all those men who love Treavor.... standing in a circle..... supporting him......  enveloping him....
The High Counselman told Treavor... "From here on out...its about service to others".....
I loved that.....
Treavor was BEAMING...he is so excited.
(afterwards he said...."Mom....its real now...I'm really an Elder!")

I didn't even take ONE picture yesterday!! What was I thinking??'s a couple I thought were fitting to liven up today's post.

 Treavor & Tai in Orlando 2011
At front of the country NORWAY (where his Grandpa Walker served his mission!)
....and check that shirt he's wearing! WHO KNEW?!

 This is his FIRST plane ride ever..... to Florida!

 Beautiful FLORIDA!

 We all have great memories of this trip.... How fun that he gets to go back and LIVE there for the next 2 years!


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  1. COOL POST!! Amazing that he is wearing that T-shirt and in Florida! Funny how the pieces of our life's puzzle fit together, sometimes just as simply as a name on a T-shirt. :)