Saturday, December 29, 2012

Temple day....

Treavor went to the temple for the first time yesterday....
(got some beautiful pics of the temple last night)

This day was huge for him and full of emotion for me....

It's so hard to believe this is his time.....

I am so proud of him.... sad.... this is the only picture I got with him in it! What was I thinking?? It was a crazy wonderful day and SO cold!
Thank you to my dear family who braved the wintery tundra to share this day with him....

32 DAYS!!


1 comment:

  1. It was such a beautiful evening, inside and out!
    What a sweet blessing and joy it was for us to be with Treavor when he recieved his endowments. What a triple sweet blessing it was for us to be with Treavor, Tanner & Zac in the temple. They are all courageous valiant warriors.I truly love and honor their courage, strength, and testimony.
    Thank you Elder Green. Elder Shoemaker. Elder Watts and Elder Shoemaker for your examples.
    Thanks Kristi for sharing the beautiful pics with us.