Monday, March 11, 2013

Gators in Florida!

Hey WHATS UP!!!!!!! This week as been really good!!!

Tuesday I went on exchanges for the first time with Elder Charbadze... he is from Russia. He is a really funny guy and we had a good time. I learned a lot from him. 

Wednesday me and Elder Oliver took one of our gators { Florida I guess that seems fitting} to the temple tours. That was really cool to learn more about the temple and to actually get to go of course. We didn't go inside.. but our gator really loved it and I know that really helped him to understand more of the church. It made me and Elder Oliver so happy to see him get pretty excited. 

That same day we got a thing in the mail which told us there was a package in the office of our apartment complex and we thought it was for Elder Oliver... so we get there and they say there is no package for him.. but for ME!! I laughed so hard.. he said "I'm shunning you!!"  I couldn't stop laughing.. but he did get a package later that day. So he finally stopped shunning me..LOL It was good stuff. 

We had two meetings this week. One on Thursday which was ok.. kinda boring.. didn't really learn anything. But then we tracked super time in Orlando and we got 3 or 4 potential gators... we will find out later this week on those. Our second meeting was on Friday... it was pretty long and was way better than Thursdays. It was just for the newbies(Me) and the trainers... so that was really helpful. Also on Friday we were told that we had to speak in church on Sunday. I was like... "Could have told me on Monday!!" We were supposed to be told on Monday.. but our ward mission leader forgot... so we had one day to write a talk!!! But we did it! I did pretty well I think... it was on missionary work. Me and Elder Oliver have been trying to get the ward doing missionary work... so what better example to have us talk... even though i am only 3 weeks old LOL.

We had dinner with a new family that moved here from Utah and they are really cool! The Pierce Family. Brother Pierce works for EA!!!!!!! {video games} I was freaking out!!! We talked about that for a bit... they are a really cool family.  We also will start teaching a family's daughter this week.. she is 9 and she is really excited to be baptized already.. even though we haven't even taught her... only her parents.  They were baptized 2 weeks ago (it's that pic of the baptism I sent you) I cant wait to teach her.

This week should be really good..but basically that's how this week has gone.
And NO ONE guessed anything right on the trivia... so i will give you all another chance.. and more of you should play that would be cool!! Have a GREAT WEEK!! 
May The Force Be With You Always :)
P.S. Mom.. you might be wondering why your B-day gift has not gotten to you..thats cuz i haven't sent it...LOL I got really busy last Monday.. so I promise I will send it today. And Thanks for that was sweet. Love You!
P.S.S. Tai.. I love the bonus pics you are drawing... Hint (you should draw me some clones so can hang them around my desk) :)




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  1. Uh! ....and my trivia guesses were really really good ones too. It's a trick I tell ya! a trick. Funny about "the gators" ha ha ha ha.