Monday, March 18, 2013

But whatever...we keep going!

Hey! So its been another week! This is really going by fast and i mean FAST!!!!!!!!! 
This week was great... lets start on Monday. We went to an gators house that we have been trying to see ever since I got here... so we finally got to see him. We committed him to baptism on the 30th of March! It's insane! LOL 

Tuesday I went on another exchange but I went with our district leader Elder Thomas.. and that was a crazy day! We had a meeting and we had the car but we took it from the spanish Elders til the meeting was over.. then drive all the way back to their house... then me and Elder Thomas had to ride from the spanish Elders house to ours which was FAR!!!!!!!!!! So that kinda sucked but we had a fun time! 

Then Wednesday and Thursday we just worked all day. But Friday I got in my official bike accident.. lol. Me and Elder Oliver were going down the side walk when this kid on his bike came out of no where... and we crashed. I messed up my leg a bit...but the other kid was fine... so ya that was fun(not really). 
Saturday we rode all the way to downtown Orlando which was long... and bad for my We met a member and they took us to dinner. We of course taught them and then we looked around a bit. With it being St. Patricks day Eve.. people were already partying so we left and went back home. 

Sunday was church which was good and we had a crazy day. We had a meeting with "K"she is the 9 yeard old we are teaching...we set an baptismal date for her for the 13th of April!!! After we taught her we had dinner with the Boyds... which I found out there nephew is Dennis Pitta (from BYU and now is playing Tight End for the Baltimore Ravens) I was like that's amazing!!!! I'm going to ask for an autograph next time I see After we left from dinner we were walking and I got a feeling that we needed to hurry and get to our bikes.... which were at the church. It was getting scary... there were a lot of drunk people all over so we ended up having a member pick us up and take us home. It got crazy fast. 

So that was this week pretty much...and oh ya so Tai.... the story about the British flag I sent you. Me and Elder Oliver were really thirsty... so we went to Publix (which is walmart here sort of) and we walk in... and we try to find some water bottles... and I hear this lady with an English accent.. and I was like "where is she?" lol ...I saw she was giving out English cheese samples and all the samples had the flag as a toothpick... so I knew I had to get one for you. AND I found a store in Orlando that is ALL British... stuff so I'll have to check it out for you.

I just read the email about Blue... I started to cry... even typing this I'm crying. That really sucks... I cant believe that happened so soon :'( But i know he's in a better place... I will miss him SO MUCH :'( 
I am doing good... it's getting hotter I think...I wish we could look at the weather. But whatever... we keep going!! 
I love all of you! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! 
"May The Force Be With You Always"
Elder Green

P.S.Mom...I'm so glad you liked your gift and Thank you Annie for the pics of Jackson and Charlee....that was SO great!

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