Monday, March 4, 2013

Star Wars is everywhere......

WOW!! It's already p-day again! This is crazy how fast time is going this week. 
We biked and it was not that great.. lol..  
I have been having problems with my asthma this week and its reacting a lot different then back at home.. but I am trying to figure out what to do.. but I'm still going! 
This week has had ups and downs...mostly downs. Everyone we tried to contact or who we set appointments with has just rejected us.. and its been tough....but we still are working. 
We had zone conference on Wednesday it was so cool.. I learned a lot of things that really helped me with contacting and tracting.  They had the leaving missionaries bear their testimonies and that was so amazing to feel that spirit.. we all cried it was so sweet.  And I'm like "Elder Oliver that's you in June!" and he was like "Don't say that I don't want to leave yet" and I laughed. Me and him are having good times. 
Thursday was so cool.. we went to dinner at Sullivans and they are Star Wars fanatics like me. They are part of the 501st (if you don't know what that is go to I always wanted to be part of the 501st! We had a great time with them. 
Friday we found this video on 
its called "Mountains To Climb". 
I want everyone to watch made me cry it is so powerful! We have used that video to teach and 
we have had members cry it is so cool! 
So please watch it. 
We found this really nice old lady when we tracking and she knows about Mormons. She said she watches the BYU channel sometimes and she was really interested in learning. After we talked with her the first time she gave us a hug (Tai you would love this lady I promise you) and we said we would come back sometime this week and see her and teach her more. That really helped us this week. 
We also have this 16 yr kid that is really interested. His mom is a member... so we have been talking to him a lot. So we will see where that goes! 
So I got my bike fixed and got it on Monday. I was thinking it was going to be a lot... but it only cost me $18.75. He told me that the brake line to my front brake was tore up and it was a factory problem. and i would have lost my brake in about another day...he didn't even charge me for i was so happy. Then gave us a discount.. it helped me so much.. but now its running great. 
And Mom.. I met Doctor Rose at the Zone Conference. We talked for a bit...and told him who I was and who you were... he thinks he remembers you. He told me next time I saw him to bring pics.  That was really cool to see him... and so ya.. just had to tell you that!
SO.. I have a trivia thing for whoever wants to play! 
What 3 things does every person have in Florida?? 
If you get 2 right.. I'll send you a treat! So just email me. I will see next week and tell you who won! 
{is someone begging for letters?? lol pretty slick!} 
So that's about it this week.. not much happened. This week will be better.. I know it!! 
Have a good week.. and May The Force Be With You Always!
Elder Green
P.S Mom thanks for that greenie package! Today I will send you your birthday gift..I love you so much!
Have a great week and what did you get for your b-day??
P.S.S G'ma thanks for your package that was really awesome! Love you!

{I did some's pretty interesting}
 The 501st Legion, also known as 501st Battalion. Was a group of faithful warriors who fought in a number of battles during the Galactic Civil War in an effort to defeat the Rebel Alliance and bring peace to the galaxy. 

P.S. I also noticed that the mission blog has been updated with pics of Treavor on there! 

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