Monday, March 25, 2013

A week of blessings and cookies at the hospital!!

Hey!! Its another week and it's the end of my FIRST TRANSFER!!!!!!!!! 
This is insane! But we saw all the new changes... and now me and Elder Oliver have full time car now which is sweet! And Elder Jeppson (my companion in the MTC) is getting a new trainer.. and one of the sisters I flew out with Sister Conant she is becoming a trainer... which is crazy! 

This week has been crazy for us and great at the same time!! 
Tuesday we were called about 1:30 from the mission office and they told us this boy needed a blessing and he was at the hospital... so we said we would do it after our appointment. Well not even 5 min later they called back again and they told us that he wasn't going to make it and we needed to hurry. So we got in the car and I called Bro. Naughtin (he works at the hospital doing his residence) and told him we were coming. We got there pretty quick and went up to the floor he was on. We found out the boy had a double brain aneurysm and we had to wait 15 min to give the blessing... cause the doctors were doing their thing. We went in...and I did the oil part.. but when I laid my hands on his head... I knew right then that he wasn't going to make it. Elder Oliver gave the blessing and the room got crowded cause like 35 members of his family were in there. But we gave the blessing and the Spirit was so strong and everyone was crying... I don't really know how to describe it...but it was good and sad. 

Later...we went home planned for the rest of the day and then we went to work. We saw "B" one of our gators and we committed him to baptism on the 30th of March.. but we just had to move it to the 13th of April... so that will be really cool!! 

Wednesday we went to the hospital again so we called Bro. Naughtin again for assistance... there is a brother from a different ward who has cancer and we gave him a blessing a week ago... and he wanted another one because he had a big test the next day. Later that day we finally got to see "J" (one of our Gators) he was sick and we kinda thought that he just didn't want to see us anymore... but he still wanted to see us.. so that was good. And we started to teach "J"'s dad yesterday that was really cool! 

Nothing really happened on Thursday... just doing hard work.

Then Friday we get a call from the Elder's in the Goldenrod area... and they told us that a sister was in the hospital and she wanted a blessing so we went to the hospital again... but Bro. Naughtin wasn't there this time... and he usually would take us to the doctors lounge and we got free food all the time... and we would buy these coconut macaroons (which are so amazing!!!) and the day he wasn't there they served those DELICIOUS macaroons so we bought 6!!!... and we texted him that we got some COOKIES without him... he sent us a text back saying DANG!!!! LOL We laughed so hard. Anyway...we gave the sister the blessing and we talked for a bit with her and the other Elders. You should see this hospital... it is HUGE and I mean HUGE!!!!!!! I'll have to take a pic of it soon so you can see. 

Saturday was a busy day... and it rained a bit...then became really humid!!! To the point that I felt like a heater... I was so hot!! We had to stop at a members house to get water... it was bad. We rode our bikes from one side of the area to the other it was crazy and SO HOT!!!! LOL 

Sunday was good we had ward conference which was really cool... we talked with "J" and his dad it was really a great day. This week I know will be great... I have been doing really good..I'm just trying to survive the heat.  Its been good that its been raining this weekend! 
I miss you all!! I hope that you are all having a good week.. I love you guys!! 
May The Force Be With You Always
Elder Green

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