Monday, May 13, 2013

First Blessing and Mother's Day!

Hey Everyone!! 
This week has been Ama-za-zing!! 

So of course we had transfers.. and Elder Weston and I have been super busy... which is really good!!  

Tuesday I took him around the area. We saw members and some gators.... he really loves this area already! (I think mostly cause of the weight room LOL) 

Wednesday we really just tracted like crazy... and saw less actives and tried to see "M" but we didn't really get lucky with lessons that day. 

Thursday we tracted and saw "H".... he is just the best! He told me that I am baptising both him and his wife... I'm super excited to do that!!! They have been a great thing in my life.... and I hope that I am to theirs too.  

Friday we did an amazing weekly planning... it really helped us get prepared for this week. We have really been contacting and tracting like crazy.. and seeing less actives. 

Saturday we had the baptism of "B" which went really well. I had to give a talk on the Holy Ghost cause the person that was going to do it canceled... so I think I did good. 

Sunday was the best of this week. It was Mothers Day and church was fantastic! After church I called my Mom to tell her what time I was going to skype that night. Then we went and saw less actives...and about 4:30 we got a call that a sister in the ward needed a blessing. So we called stroy and asked him to take us to the hospital.. and I gave my first blessing. It was so cool... I was very nervous though... but it went good. After that we went to the Walkers home and got to skype our families... which was so awesome!! I really needed that... it gave me a massive boost to get to work! 

(Pics of our Skype session. He looked so great...He just beamed! and those dimples were like cereal bowls!! Such a great Mother's Day!)

Today we are going to play soccer with Elder Jeppson and Elder Buckmiller and their ward so that will be fun. I hope that you all have a fantastic week!! 

Elder Green

P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAI!! I'm sending some stuff today. I love you...have a great b-day and tell me about it.

P.S.S Last night Was the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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