Monday, May 20, 2013

Down the Drain and Missionary Cops

Hey!! What's up everybody!!
This week has been really good. Monday we had p-day and we found out we are car sharing again which kinda sucks... but its also fun cause we get to hang out with the other Elders.... Elder Jeppson and Elder Buckmiller and thats good!! 

Tuesday was really hot!!! We have been working with less-actives like crazy this past week and it's nice. We tracted like super crazy and we found this young lady and she might end up to be a gator hopefully! 

Wednesday we had a District meeting and I gave a training on developing faith. I hope I did well.. it was pretty fun to do. Then we got home and we got on our bikes and Elder Weston broke something on his bike... and so we called Stroy to give us a ride to the bike shop. We got it fixed. Later we went and saw "H" & "T" and we talked for a bit. They always help us out big time. Then that night we went on exchanges.. I went to Goldenrod area with Elder Buckmiller... and Elder Jeppson came here with Elder Weston. 

Thursday was pretty good. We saw alot of people. Not too much happened just saw less-actives that's about it.... then we exchanged back that night.

 Friday all of our plans went down the drain! It was so crazy. We just had people cancel all over the place. We would call someone and they would say "sure come over!"..and then cancel 5 min later. It was so tough. The only thing that didn't cancel was dinner. It still was a cool day cause we tracted a street.. and we were just going door to door... then a cop pulled over and talked with us.
Cop: Did you see a black guy with a blue shirt running by here?
Us: No 
Cop: Ok well could you guys keep an eye out for him?
Us: Will do! 
Then we thought to ourselves "lets go find him!" So we got on our bikes and we started looking for this guy. The cops were all over... they surrounded the area so the guy couldn't leave. Then the cops told us we might want' to leave cause the K-9's were coming in. So we left and went to dinner. 

Saturday we had a good day. So we went on the computers in the apartment complex. We went to open the door to go outside... Elder Weston goes first and this lady rams right in him!! She was running and I laughed so hard cuz he was so scared!! He just didn't know what to do. It was so funny!! Later we tried to see less-actives and nobody was home.. so we went to dinner which was at "H" & "T"s place. 

Sunday was good and funny...most of the people just realized that I got a new companion!!! it rained like crazy!!! We got stuck under an underpass for an hour and a half.. we finally called Stroy...and he took us to our appointments which was so great. The rain is so awesome and so bad!! It's crazy!! 
Thats my week! Hope you all had a great week and have a good week to come!  


*Elder Green sent pictures, but due to technical difficulties, we can't upload them. Check back later!! (:

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