Monday, May 27, 2013

Heavy Rain and Sprinkler Systems

Hey everybody!
This week has been sweet and it seemed like it was fast but slow at the same time.
Tuesday we had a district meeting and it was a really good one. I really learned a lot about the basics of Missionary work. It was cool to see where we were and where we are now. We tried all day to set up appointments.. some worked and some didn’t. Around 6:30 or 7:00, Bro.Parker came with us to see some Gators and we set up a appointment with one of them.
Wednesday we got up and went to the gym but it was locked. We waited there for almost 40 min until the lady who opens all the doors came. Then we rode down close to downtown and saw a referral that Elder Jeppson gave us. He is pretty cool. We saw some less-actives then biked home. I got soaked! I have pictures but I forgot my camera, so I will show you next week. We had so much fun in the rain. It was crazy. We got home and changed our clothes then Bro.Evans picked us up. We went and saw H & T {they’re getting married this Saturday :)} then we exchanged with the Spanish Elders.
On Thursday, Elder Bailey and me saw a lot of less-actives and tracted a lot. We found a lady that needed help putting in mulch, so we helped her out. We found a Spanish guy, and I just sat there while they talked in Spanish. {I need to learn Spanish LOL} We exchanged back with the Spanish Elders.
On Friday we looked up former Gators and less-actives and saw a few.  We had a temple tour with H & T and they took us out to Olive Garden afterwards to celebrate her B-day. We went on exchanges again, but with the Zone Leaders, and Stroye helped us out with that.
Saturday me and Elder Hibbard didn't have the map book cause it was in Elder Weston’s backpack, so we tracted like crazy. We found this 16yr old girl who really liked what we were sharing and wanted to know more, but Sunday her parents called and said that they don't want us teaching her. That kind of sucked, but we have to respect them and their decision. I learned so much from Elder Hibbard and it was such a fun day, then we exchanged back.
On Sunday we had a good day at church, then we went and saw some less- actives and Tom {he was a Gator but not anymore.} We saw the same lady from Thursday, and she was having problems with her sprinkler system. It took us almost 2 hours to figure out what was wrong, and we were late for dinner. We got home and did our weekly numbers.
That was our week, I hope that your week was super awesome. If not, I am sorry, but have a super awesome fantastic ultra boss week.

Elder Green

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