Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Baptism and I'm a storm chaser now

Hey Everybody! 
This week has been pretty good. 
To start off... Tuesday we went shopping and got all of our goodies for the week. After we got home.. we called people to set up appointments for the week. We were scheduled to see 10 year old "K" about her upcoming baptism..but they had to cancel. So we set it up for Wednesday. So instead we stayed home and studied for "K"'s baptism.During the night we were looking at the USA storm map to see what was going on...and I saw the huge storm up in South Dakota...and I predicted a tornado an hour before they put out a tornado was so cool....I'm pretty much a storm chaser now. lol
So I set up an appointment to get my knee x-rayed on July 2nd. Its up by Tampa so I had to call Sister Hall about leaving our boundaries.  I am wearing a brace all the time but I should be using crutches...but I suck using them so I don't. I do ice it all the time. It sucks.
Anyway...Wednesday we got to teach "K"...she was super ready for her baptism on Saturday and her dad didn't know he could baptize her... He was so happy when he found out that he could. Later we went to Stroye's and taught his step daughter "C" and she is a great kid. She is also  10 yrs old and she somewhat likes to learn about the church. We did have a date set for her baptism on the13th of July and she is getting pretty excited about it. After that we went and saw"H & T" and hung out with them a bit. 
Thursday we had district meeting and I gave a training on Companionship Unity which went pretty good. Me and Elder Weston went to 4 Rivers Steakhouse after to celebrate.. lol. We tried to set up more appointments that night. 
Friday we had weekly planning which we planned like crazy to have everything work the best it can for this coming week. We pretty much just studied and hung out.. lol. 
Saturday we got up and went to work on the Baptismal program for "K". Then at about 1:30 we got to the church and filled the font. W had her interview at 3:00 and the baptism was at 4:00. It went really well.. it was such a great time and there were tons of people who came to support her. It was great!! 
Later when we got home... we saw two different couples moving in... so we helped them out from about 5:30 to 10:00. It was great.. but I just held the doors :(   
"H &T" called and wanted to go to Jeremiahs Ice... so we did. Then we got home and just went to bed we were so 
Sunday we got up and we were so tired it was pretty funny. Church was great though. Kendall got confirmed and it was just a good day! That night we had the worldwide broadcast by the Church. It was really good. If you didn't see it.. go watch it.  There are now 70,300 missionaries out!! That is just AMA-ZA-ZING!! After the broadcast I got my package finally!!! It went to the Zone Leaders then they gave it to the Valencia South Area (they are in my district) then they gave it to me. I should have got it on Thursday...But the Valencia South guys forgot about it.. lol. But MOM... the package was SUPER awesome! Thanks! I loved it. 
That was our week.. I hope your week was awesome!! Let me know sometime. I love you guys 
Love Elder Green Bean   

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