Monday, June 3, 2013

Please don't call the mission office...and a wedding!

Hey everybody!!! This week has been not the
Monday we went with a whole bunch of Elders and played B-ball... we had a great time! But I got injured...and I really messed up my knee. It was swollen and really hard to walk we haven't been able to ride our bikes. We have been having members drive us around.
Tuesday we had District meeting which was good. Then we made lots of calls to set up appointments with out Gators and some non active members. Stroye really helped us big time this week taking us to places. I finally had to called Sister Hall about my knee... and she told me to ice it and to go from there. That night we exchanged... I went to Goldenrod area with Elder Jeppson and that was fun. We worked the best we could but my leg was really a problem.  I did get to try Thai food for the first time and it was pretty good! We exchanged back that night.
Thursday we couldn't do anything cuz of my we just studied and I iced all day. We did call a couple of people and went to a few appointments.
Friday we had weekly planning... then we had dinner with Stroye. We went to Golden Corral and WOW this one is so much better than they have everything Chinese, Thai, and it doesn't mess with your stomach after!! lol  Later we saw H&T and talked about the wedding which was the next day.  
Saturday was the best day of all this week! It was the wedding and it was so awesome!! It worked out so good. I was so happy to see them get married. tMy relationship with them really shows that Heavenly Father does help and change people. It has really has built my testimony to see the change from the beginning with H&T. I love them. It was so cool!! Later I got a call from Sister Hall and she told me to go see a doctor about my knee... but I realized that there was a doctor at the wedding.. Bro. Naughtin... so he looked at it and he got me a leg sleeve and noninflammatory pills. So hopefully this works.. and I told Sister Hall what else the Doctor said to me..and I'm not going to say it cause I know you will FLIP OUT... so.... LOL (and please don't call the Mission
Sunday we had church which was really nice... then we got home and we made more appointments.
I iced my knee more and cleaned the apartment... that was my week! It was an up and down one...and hopefully this week will be better. I hope you all had a good week!! I love you all!
LovE EldeR GreeN
P.S. i love the pictures of Baxter! He looks so cute and i can't wait to meet him. Have fun with him.

 After a rain storm...can't get any wetter!!

 Makin' Dinner!!

Elder Weston

H&T's wedding
(look at that baggy suit!)

His fortune from the Thai food! (totally fits Treavor!)

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