Monday, June 17, 2013

TWO Baptisms and a Lightning Bolt!!

Hey Everybody! 
Happy Fathers Day (yesterday) to all the Dads! 
This week has been up and down

Monday we all played soccer at the college.. I just sat there getting sunburned.. lol. Afterwards me and Elder Weston shopped and got ice cream... because we had to wait for Elder Jeppson and Elder Buckmiller... they were our ride home. Later we went over to "H & T"'s house and went over the Baptismal questions. 

 ( me the way to the weight room? wha???)

Tuesday it was a zone conference which was awesome and sad at the same was President and Sister Halls departing testimonies. It was awesome. The coolest thing happened. As soon as President Hall got to the pulpit... a lightning bolt hit the lightning rod on the church! It was crazy. I got a picture hugging the him.. it was cool! That night we went on exchanges and Elder Meza came with me. 

 (Zone Conference)

 (hugging Pres. Hall)

Wednesday was fun... we studied a lot and went to the park next to our apartment. Elder Meza caught a We contacted a few people there. Later we went to the church with "H & T" to do their baptismal interview and they 
passed :)  After that we exchanged back.  

Thursday we really didn't do much... my knee is still working on being healed UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I should find out this week if I will need surgery or not. Its been so hard. Later that night our Bishop took us to dinner and to see a few people. Then we went home and studied and cleaned. 

Friday we didn't do much until in the evening. We went to "H & T"s and filled out the baptismal forms and stuff like that.  

Saturday was the big day!! It was funny too cuz we were going over all the plans... and we still had to make the program.. so we hurried and did that. And then we went to the church to fill up the font... it takes 2 hours to fill and the baptism was at 4 and we got there about 2:45... so we got pitchers and buckets to fill it faster. We got so lucky to fill it in time... lol. It was funny. A lot of people showed up and "H &T" couldn't stop smiling and crying. It was so amazing to baptize them... I was so happy... 
I felt so good the whole day! :D It was such a great experience and I will never forget that... ever
After the baptism they took us to Outback and that place is good! 

(H & T's Baptism)
Sunday was great! "H & T" were about to be confirmed.. and the guy that was going to confirm "H" wasn't there yet. So Elder Weston got to do it... and "T" was next. It went great. They are so awesome!! Later when we got home...we didn't do much and our dinner appointment canceled on we just decided to go to the park. Stroye & his wife came to the park as well and we fed the ducks and turtles. That was cool. 

Today was transfers.. and lots of people are moving around. Me and Elder Weston are staying here in Winter Park... so that's awesome. Elder Jeppson is I wont see him for a long time I bet. Lots of people are heading home.... Elder Oliver leaves on Wednesday back home to Utah... he is sad and happy I think. 
That was our week! I hope that everything is going good... I love you all! 

Love Elder Green

(not even surprised he took this picture)

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