Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chickens love frogs!


So this week has been really crazy!  
Tuesday was my first real missionary day... 
and I got my new comp/trainer he is Elder Oliver.  
He is from South Jordan UT.. 
he is a pretty cool guy. 
He took me around the area. 
I met some recent converts and some members just to get to know them.. it was cool. 
I met some recent converts.. Stroy and Marsha... 
they love the missionaries and they help us when we need it. 

On Wednesday we really got to work.. 
went around and tracked a bit and had some media referrals. 
We went to go see them no one was home.. 
all we really talked to were some part-members or members.  
Thursday we tried to get more people to see but everything was falling through.. 
and Elder Oliver got sick so that was pretty bad. 
He is still sick. 

Appointments have been dropping on us this week. 
But Friday was the worst day of all... 

oh ya i had a baptism already on Saturday...  
{oh ya i had a baptism???? typical Treavor}

Satan was really working hard on Friday to stop us. 
We needed to go get this couples signature for the baptism form things.. 
and we decided to ride our bikes.. even though 
we have the car. 
And I swear not even two blocks..  

(if there were blocks.. I hate the roads down here.. 
its is messing me up so bad.. 
everything has a name its horrible) 

But anyway we went two blocks my BRAND NEW BIKE breaks on me!  
I took it to a member that owns a bike shop in our area 
and he tells me that the rear derailer on the bike is defective 
and it was either the stores fault or the factory that made the part. 

So he's fixing it for me.. but he told me to call The Bike Shop and I did.. 
the guy pretty much said that I had to take the bike to them and they would judge to see if the bike 
actually had a problem ..  
He had a tone of voice that he didn't really care what happened. 
I can't take it to them cause its out of my area. 
But I should get my bike back from the member today.
And Mom can you call The Bike Shop to see if they will pay for the repairs? 
So that happened.. and all of our appointments dropped too.. so Friday sucked bad! 
Saturday we helped a non-member family move.. that was pretty cool. 
What was so awesome was that I found out that 
chickens love to eat frogs! 
We tried to move the non-members hot tub.. 
so we took off the cover and there was a frog was stuck in there and his legs were smashed by something..  
so they just grabbed the frog and gave it to their chickens... 
those chickens destroyed that frog.. 
it was so cool! 

But today was so amazing.. we had the baptism.  
We got there to fill up the font and Elder Oliver ended up turning a valve which turned on the fire alarm.. 
so the alarms were on for about an hour.. 
i was deaf after... 
but we got the font filled so it was good.
I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost which went well.. 

I met the bishop and I swear he looks exactly like Clark Kent.. its so funny. 
That was a great day and whats even better is 
the couple that was baptized have a daughter that is 9 
and she wants us to teach her. 
So we will start this week. 
We also got a new investigator yesterday.. 
and if we're lucky we can have him baptized close to the end of March. 
I will send you some stuff. 
I probably wont be able to do it till next P-Day.. sorry.. today got really crazy. 
I Love You.. Have a good week!

{I emailed back super quickly and asked him where he was because HE DIDN'T SAY!!!!}

then he replies with....
"lol... I forgot to tell you I'm in Winter Park.. which the name lies... its not winter worth crap!!"


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