Monday, April 15, 2013

First Sunburn and a Tornado Warning

Hey!! So another week has gone by it is too crazy!! 
This week was pretty sweet and a little crazy.

Tuesday we had President meetings which was pretty cool... I met with Pres. Hall...he talks to you one on one and he just wants to know whats going on and that was cool. After that we went and met with a gator that a member referred to us. He is from Egypt and he asked for a B of M in Arabic. It takes two weeks to get... it but its on its way. His name is too hard to pronounce... so we just call him He spoke some Arabic to us... it was so cool! He is really interested.  Then we stopped by "B"s house... the guy who is now going to be baptized this Saturday which is SWEEET!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday we woke up and got ready... did some stuff... then we went to help Sis. B do some yard work. She is old... and her husband has been having health issues... so we worked for 4 hours. I got my first sunburn that day (which sucks) But she is the best... we love her. I wish you guys could meet her she is so great. Then we got home got ready quickly... we taught "K"....our 9 yr old gator which is going really good. They can't figure out a date for the baptism.... which is not good cause they have said they might want to wait till June and Elder Oliver leaves in June... so thats not good for us. We have also been searching for apartments this past week cause our area is going to be split soon... so thats been kinda 

Thursday we had a district meeting which was pretty good then after that we went to go see some referrals. We also saw "H"....I dont know if I talked about him in my last letter but he is really cool and very interested. 

Friday we got a call from Stroy... and he wanted to go see "J" and "J" is not in a good position right now. I hope we can help him. I tell you more about him later. Then later we went and saw a gator that we haven't seen in a while....he has been in the hospital cause a fridge fell on him (long story) We finally caught up with him and gave a blessing to him and after that he hugged us and ran inside his house so that he wouldn't see him cry. Then we went and saw the Elders Quorum President and got to know him better... which helps out a lot. 

Saturday we did more service for the Maitland Library... they love us cause we help them out a lot. They were selling books for a fundraiser... so we helped out a bit. There was a festival going on...(Mom it reminded me of the Cache County Fair when the police have the tent thing) but it was for art.. and it was really cool. I bought a Patriots thing...shhhh LOL. Then we went to "H"'s house and we met his wife "T".... and she had every question in the world. She had been on google and tried to learn about Mormons that way. We taught her and she started to understand and I felt like I needed to just bear my testimony to her. After we finished the lesson Elder Oliver said "Wow, that was amazing the spirit was super strong." And I don't even remember everything I said...LOL. We invited them to that was a cool night.  

Sunday we were very worried cause we had maybe 4 or 5 gators that would come to church and the most important was "B" and he showed up which was great!! But the best and most surprising was that "H"s wife "T" came!!! We were so happy and she even stayed the whole time! "H" didn't come but thats ok for now.  Also President and Sister Hall showed up randomly..... but the amazing part of that night we had a crazy storm that started about 5:30pm or so and lasted till almost 10pm... you guys don't even know rain till you see this kindof rain!! The best part of the storm was when we got a text saying Tornado Warning.... I was like SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
(don't worry I didn't see one though) 

I am loving the food..the seafood is amazing here and the chinese food makes Wok on Wheels look like crap! Its very hot.....I'm trying my best to get used to it.

Well..that was our week... it was amazing I hope you are all having a great week! 
Let me know how you're doing please. I love you to the outer rim and back!!

Elder Green

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