Monday, April 29, 2013

The Tour de France in FLORIDA!

Hey! Its been another week. Its so crazy how fast time is going. 
This week was pretty good and pretty busy.. which was good. My legs are dead from biking so much. 
Monday we had a district P-day which was fun. We went and rode go-karts which was great. Then we got ice cream at this place called Jeremiahs.. its soooo good.... best stuff ever! 
Tuesday we saw our gator "H" he is just so cool! We found out more of his life.. its so crazy... he told us about a time when he had a four wheeler and crashed and was paralyzed for 8 months. He is fine now... but he sure has had a crazy life! He is so cool... I am hoping to get him and his girlfriend "T" married and baptized soon. Later that night we went and saw Stroy and gave him some encouragement to go to the temple with the ward... which he did for the first time. So that was great! He was so sad that we couldn't go with him. 
Wednesday we went to a lot of less-actives to see how they are doing... but the best thing I remember was dinner that day. It was so GOOD. It was a whole bunch of seafood that a member got and cooked for us. It was grea...t I LOVE SEAFOOD!!!!!!!!!!! 
Thursday was the best overall this week... we had a mission conference and the area president of the seventy came and spoke to us. It really got us pumped... it was so good! His name is Ulisses Soares and he is from Brazil. He was really amazing. Then later that night we had a 18 year old come out with us he's is preparing to go on a mission. We took him to go see some less-actives and he seemed to really love coming out with us. But what was funny was before we picked him up he just got his drivers license that day.... and he got to drive his dads really nice car.  Well he meets us at the church... and he locked himself out of his dads car...LOL so we called a member to help us break into it.  It was so funny! Me and Elder Oliver couldn't stop laughing. HA!  
Friday we were biking all over and tried get out and see a lot of gators, members and stuff like that.  We had dinner at this old place called Kappy's... its really good. They do cheese steak stuff. It was delicious! 
Saturday... I call this day the Tour de we biked ALL over our area.  We went to the top... then the bottom... then back to the top... then the middle.... then to the top again!  It was crazy! My legs didn't like it.... lol We had a great day though.... really worked on "H" and "T"... it was really good. Then our other gator "M"... we saw him and his girlfriend....she is a member and she told us after we left that we have been the only ones that had got him to want to go to church. It made us super pumped! 
Sunday was great... just to see our gators come to church. And to feel like this is where I need to be... just made me so happy to know that I get to help people. It's so crazy... I am just loving this.
Well...that was this week. I hope that you all had a great week.. and I hope that you will have a great one this week too. HAVE FUN!!
p.s.   Hey Mom....there is one more thing I want you and Tai to read the B of M together and separate everyday for 5 to 20 min a day. I know that it might be boring or hard to do... but i want you both to do it. And then every week tell me where you are at and what you learned :) I'm pretty sure you saw this coming.. LOL

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