Monday, April 22, 2013

Yucky Water..and Go-Karts

Hey!! Another week has gone by and this one was Crazy!!!!!! lol
Tuesday was a hard working day but nothing big happened. 

Wednesday we finally saw our gator "M" and we taught him a bit... then later that day we got to see another gator "J" who canceled..but then changed his mind. Later we got the saddest news.... our Ward Mission Leader Bro. Parker called us and told us that our Bishops 6 week old baby had just passed away and that put a damper on our day. We went with Bro. Parker and delivered food to the Bishop's family. After that we went on exchanges that night and Elder Jeppson and I were put together which was sweet!!

Thursday was still exchanges so me and Elder Jeppson went to go see "M" at 9am and we were biking to his house and Elder Jeppson breaks the chain of Elder Olivers bike... but the bad thing was we were in the ghetto...really bad part of town... so we hurried back to our house and we called Stroy to ask if he could help us and take us to the bike shop. He did.... we got it fixed sort the chain we got was too big.. so it was crazy. We ended up not bring able to see "M".... so we saw "H" instead. He is so cool and is wife is just amazing. We went and saw some other gators we had  and then we met with some members and they were super loaded rich... and when we started to leave they gave us a ton of treats!! It was cool!! 

On Friday we exchanged back... we didnt do much... we had weekly planning which takes three hours to do.  Elder Oliver wasn't feeling good that day.

Saturday was so CRAZY... we had the funeral for the Bishops baby... and then a member got robbed...and no one was happy to see us!!!!  Except "H"and his wife...that made our day. That day was so crazy.. I don't need a day like that again!!! lol

Sunday was good to calm down and to learn. We got The B of M in Arabic which was so cool... and I got a signed autograph by Dennis Pitta!!!!! I was  it was so awesome!!! I will mail that back home next Monday to keep it safe! I don't have time today cuz we are having District Prep day and then we are going to ride go-karts!!! That is going to be sweet!!

This week has been good though... and that Boston thing was crazy... we had members telling us about it and I saw it when we were working out. I knew Matt was i was like AHH!!! I'm so glad he is ok. So weird. 

Here is a pic of my apartment.

Some things I like and dislike about Florida.... I hate the water SO MUCH!!! It tastes horrible..yuck. I really like the rains so hard. Yesterday we got drenched big time it was pretty funny.. but our dinner appointment didn't want us in the house so we had to dry off first. lol  And one weird thing is that the plants and leaves all feel like plastic lol its crazy. 

 I love you all have a great week!!!

Elder Green

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