Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference was Mind Blowing!

Hey!!! Another week has gone by!! 

It was a trial week as Elder Oliver says... cause we didn't have that good of a week. People were falling though like crazy and Elder Oliver has been stressed out. 

Tuesday we tracted most of the day and we didn't find anyone that wanted to listen to us. But later that night we got 5 referrals from the spanish elders which was awesome. 

Wednesday we had mission exchanges and our District Leader Elder Howard came here with me... and Elder Oliver went to Goldenrod area where Elder Jeppson (from the MTC) was. So I had to plan everything and do everything.... I was really nervous cause its MY District Leader... so I worked hard and I did the best I could. It went well... we tracted found two potential gators. We talked to a referral..his name is "H" and he is from Massachussets. He is a cool guy and he is really interested. We went to the church after and Elder Howard did the baptismal interview for our gator "B" that was great. Then after that.. we checked the mail I got my Easter package which was AMA-ZA-ZING!!!!!!!! So awesome Mom thanks!! Then Elder Howard packed up and we switched back and went home and talked things over.

Thursday we had ZTM (Zone Traning Meeting) which was really good. We stopped and got new supplies which we needed.. we ran out of B Of M. After that we went and talked with some members and tried to see some of the referrals we had. 

Friday was a bad day... everyone we wanted to see fell through...we couldn't even see the members they were gone too. Even our dinner had to cancel!!! So that was bad for sure! But at the end of the day... we tried one last member... he wasn't home but he lives in a duplex and we ended up talking to his neighbor and she was really interested... she was our miracle for that day!!! 

Saturday we got up... got ready... studied... then we went to the church. We were there from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm for General Conference which was Mind Blowing!!! It was so good! The members fed us for lunch and then we went out for dinner that night which was so good!! 

Sunday we got to the church at 10:30 am stayed till 6:30 pm... and I have to say Henry B. Eyring is still my favorite... and I really liked Enrique R. Falabellas' talk... it was so good! I really liked what he said about the 6 things that a home should have. So good!! I want to know everyones favorite conference speaker....I wrote 12 pages full of notes from conference... it was so good. And if you didn't get to watch it DOOOOO IT NOW!!! lol 

Well... that was this week. I'm feeling much better too..that pain is gone. I hope you all are having a great week! Tell Charlee Happy Birthday from me.. I will try to send something soon.
"May The Force Be With You Always"

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