Thursday, November 22, 2012


It's REAL!

Here's the video of Treavor opening his mission call...

It was such a fun and HEARTPOUNDING moment.....
I feel really good about Treavor going to Florida....very peaceful and excited and proud...but the Mom in me is scared and I cry every time I think of not being able to see his sweet face anytime I want for 2 years!! I know my selfishness will fade....I am so proud of him and this is exactly where he needs to be. 
His FIRST plane ride was to Orlando....and his SECOND will be to Orlando!! This time it will be just little longer than a weeks vacation tho... :)

Florida is getting a great gift.... Treavor will be an amazing're welcome FLO-RIDA!!
(and yes can go to Disneyworld on your P-day!)

Treavor will be entering the MTC on January 30, 2013.
 Time to get to work.........


1 comment:

    Tracking in the sun and sand in FLORIDA!!
    Lucky Floridians!!!
    We love you! We're so proud of you!!
    You're going to be an inspiring and awesome missionary!!!
    Pack lots of sun-screen and bug spray!!! :):)