Wednesday, November 14, 2012


SO...its getting closer for Treavor to receive his mission call...
within the next 2 weeks!! 

Thought it would be fun to have everyone guess where they think he will be serving...
There will be a prize for the closest guess...            

Here's a list of guesses so far...feel free to comment your guess!

Family Guesses

Treavor- Scotland, Norway or possibly Russia
Kristi-  Illinois, Russia or the Death Star
Mike- Illinois (we did not discuss this!)
Tai- United Kingdom
Grandma- England or Massachusetts
Grandpa- Texas or Pennsylvania
Keri- Ireland
Matt- Georgia
Josh- Scotland
Tanner- Planet Naboo
Landon- New York
Kim-  Australia or Virgin Islands
Darin- Texas or Ireland
Zac- Scotland or Maryland
Kenzie- Texas
Brent- Florida
Mattie- Ohio
Kell- Switzerland
Mollie- Chili or Russia
Amie- Canada
Chad- Wisconsin
Justin- Brazil
Tyson- Italy
Meghan- Illinois
Millie- Arizona
Annie- Australia
Mike West – Australia
Abbie- Canada
Autumn- Asia or Texas
Jackson- New York
Charlee- Church or someone’s house
Other Friends and Family

Chris- Mexico
Lark- Guam
Kelly- England
Steve- France
Jake- Mexico
Lacey- China
Andy- England
Laurilee- Tonga
Randy- Georgia
Kory- Wisconsin
Pam- Germany/Switzerland
Shelley- Canada (French speaking)
Bryan- Georgia
Max- Australia
Drew- Wisconsin or Australia
Leslee- New Jersey
Kristen- Argentina
Stacie- Florida 
Brittany- Brazil
Sandy- England
Wesley- California or Germany
Alison- Guatemala
Nate- Alabama or England
Marisa- Argentina
Corey- California (spanish speaking)
Nathaniel- Brazil
Cory- South America
Nate P.- Texas
Shane- Arkansas
Ryker- Ethiopia or Switzerland
Kyle- Ohio
Ben- Alaska
Gary- South Nibley
Santi- Alabama

Check back....
We'll let you know as soon as his call comes!!

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