Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tied Together------

Elder Joshua Shoemaker  { MIA already out in the field}
Elder Zac Watts   {far left, ALSO MIA}
Elder Treavor Green  {Soon to be MIA somewhere in the galaxy}
Elder Tanner Shoemaker  {Also soon to be MIA in Honolulu, Hawaii}
And in 2 years-ish, soon to be Elder Landon Shoemaker {Far right}



  1. GAAHHHHH...what a fun picture!! Such handsome boys that LOVE EACH OTHER!!
    (p.s. could their shirts be any nerdier?? lol)

  2. I was dieing over Zac's......HOW appropriate!! ha!

  3. This is quite rude actually. Missionary Mom's are already emotional and you have to go and do this? I couldn't love this group of young men any more than I already do! They are warriors. What a great reunion it will be.....

  4. GEEESH!!!!! where are my dang tissues!!!!
    OH MAN!!! Can you even stand it!?
    Can you say B.L.E.S.S.E.D.!!!!
    OK.. I am now wiping snot on my arm!!