Monday, November 26, 2012

a peek

A little peek.................
Of what I saw!


  1. AWWwww..thanks Annie for that! This is my own little personal mom moment after Treavor opened his mission call. It was something I will never forget....SO PROUD OF THIS SON OF MINE!
    Love the picture...and yes're still a sneaky stalker....(she is literally IN the christmas tree everyone!!)

    1. Don't be jelly that I climbed that tree like a spider monkey!!!MMMKAY? I do what I need to do for my peeps!

      love this picture too! proud mother!! TENDER son!! :)

  2. Such a great picture! Such a wonderful captured moment!
    Sniff. Sniff. Dang...where's my tissue???
    I won't even mention the tangled icicles on the tree (between annie, landon and tanner,nope. I won't mention it.)
    Thanks for sharing and preserving that missionary moment for us Annie!!