Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's real..

...It's really real...

This is happening everybody..
in less than 24 hours it will be the last time I (his super awesome sister) look upon his face for 
approximately seven hundred and thirty days..
{not including pictures and skype and stuff... but you get my drift}

Dear and sweet Tanner Shoemaker
{our cousin}
is in the MTC and just wrote a letter today that made me warm and fuzzy.
He has mentioned Treavor in each one of his letters so far..
Look it all up.. CLICK HERE

Im just so excited for and proud of Treavor.. 
I know he is going to do great, and there is going to be ups and downs..
But I know he will square his shoulders..

Because he went to Cuzin's Kamp.. 

He did the hikes.

He cleaned the table on girl-cooking-day, and cooked on boy-cooking-day.
He has survived the terrible sunburns from the Brigham City Pool with KFC.
He has taken out the trash, set up the flag, and played in the mud.

So seven hundred and thirty days...


He's got this.

Side notes:

Mom, I hope you cried... because i did.
Grandpa Dave, I love you, and thank you for giving us the chance to earn the tools under our belts during Cuzin's Kamp.
If you're reading this, you get two posts today because we slacked off this past week.. and thank you for your support.
Everyone has been so kind to our family, and helping to get Treavor prepared and we are eternally grateful.


  1. I cried Tai.....I cried real good....you are such a sweet sister! I love that you will miss him! I love you!

  2. i ALSO CRIED.....and i cried better...lol

    LOVE YOU...he is one lucky brother..:)
    so cute!!

  3. CAN YOU SPELL CRIED???? I think my tear ducts are on permanent GUSHER and my nose on permanent SNOT!
    That was just such a wonderful post Miss Tai! Thank you for sharing all that with us. You are a great sister! I know Treav will miss you too. <3 you.

  4. I am not crying. Nope. No. Not going too. I'm pretty much cried out, but TAI....darling Tai, what a great tribute to your brother and family members that support and love one another. "Some blessing come soon, some come late, and some don't come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come!"