Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I haven't done very well keeping this blog updated.... I'M SORRY OK??!!
LET IT GO!!! :)

Things have been a little crazy and overwhelming the last couple days.

Just wanted to share the latest.

FAREWELL WAS FANTASTIC! Treavor did so well with his talk... I'm so impressed with him and I look up to him so much. He has so much COURAGE! 
Love that kid!

We had a fun snowy day!

With Grandpa & Grandma Walker.....Doesn't he just look so handsome in his suit!!

A little Yoda to finish off the party!  
All of these toys are truly Treavor's...the light sabers are so banged up and worn....even complete with little puppy bites from when Blue was tiny.
We had a full house..and it was so fun to have everyone come and spend time with Treavor.....show their support and say sweet goodbyes...

We had some family time after dinner....every one went around and gave their advice for Treavor. It was very sweet. 
Treavor and his cousin Zac..... I can hardly look at this picture without tearing up... such genuine love....
They exchanged ties with each other... to wear when they miss each other...Love this!
Treavor will be at the MTC waiting for Zac when he leaves in 2 weeks!
(Tanner will be there waiting for Treavor tomorrow!!)

This moment stole a piece of my soul.....
This is Jackson and Treavor saying goodbye....
They have been soul mates since Jackson has been born.... Complete and total buddies even with the 10 year age difference...
Treavor gave him a tie to wear whenever he misses him....and Jackson gave Treavor a picture to put by his bed and a Yoda doll wearing a tie....cutest thing ever...

It was a super day....
For a more detailed report of the days activities....
go here  <---------
{Annie has more time than me right now OK!!??...her pics and descriptions are better but just THIS TIME! lol}

and now...................................

Making the list.....checking it twice....... {i sang that}
Just praying that he looks thru everything once he gets to the MTC..
AND THEN...he can get it all back in when he leaves!! 
I'm pretty much a professional packer...lol.....I am guessing that his packing skills are gonna be more of a "stuffing it in there" variety.....

27 hours until OPERATION MTC DROP OFF!!


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  1. Can your heart melt right down to a big puddle??
    And can your gratitude meter explode right out of the tube?? Can these pictures be any more precious? Heavenly Father has blessed us so much. OH.MY. There are no words. Just tears.