Friday, July 26, 2013


This is Elder Green's letter from Monday the 22nd.

Hey! This week has been pretty good and crazy! 

Monday we had a great p-day playing Mafia... lol we just had a good time. Then my companions had an exchange. 

Tuesday we got up and Elder and Sister Busath picked me up and went to the mission office. I have been answering calls and doing paper work... stuff like that. They had me a few times through out the week and I would also go to the Employment office and helped them out too.  That's what I did on Wednesday and part of Thursday.

Later Thursday I went to the Physical Therapist and that was OOBER painful and then I find out that I shouldn't have gone there... cuz later that night I get a call that they found something they missed in my MRI. 

Friday was the craziest day... so in the morning Sister Nelson (Mission Nurse) calls and tells me that I have to go buy crutches and to stay off my knee as much as possible. So I did that. And then I went to the office for an hour and she told me the problems with my MRI.  Then later that night President Berry texted us and he wanted to see me. So we had our meeting and he told me it was going to be better for my knee to heal at home.

Saturday we worked cuz the office was closed and that was good. We saw a lot of good people. 

Sunday I was good..I was able to collect everything that I have been told. It;s just been really crazy. We saw some really cool people and we set a baptismal date for one of them. It was great.  Hope that you all had a great week! 


There was a LOT of shenanigans that happened in the next 18 hours! A LOT of phone calls and panicking!!
Including buying new bedding and new clothes (I thought I had 2 years to do
Tai and I ran around like crazies getting ready for Treavor to come home. There were so many emotions involved.... happy and excited...and nervous...and sad to think that Treavor might be sad.

ANYWAY.....Elder Green is home! 

It was a VERY long day for everyone including Elder Green....his flight was delayed and he had to sit in the in the Orlando airport for 3 hours. My entire family was there waiting for him at 11 pm! It was very exciting and my heart was pounding. I totally STALKED the Delta website watching his plane the ENTIRE flight from Orlando to home.

This was the next morning...just after he had been released. We went to breakfast together and it was fantastic. He has been missed. And he is SO such a positive and amazing way. This son of mine has things to teach his Mom. I couldn't be more proud of him and the person that he is. 

Everyone is asking the question.....
Is he going back? or When is he going back??
The answer is:
We don't know.

He has an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor on Monday morning and we will start from scratch on getting him healed. He is in a lot of pain and can barely walk. We have heard everything from 6 weeks to 6 months. So the plan for now is to get him healthy...and the rest is between Treavor and God.  

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for Treavor...sent him letters and packages...and everyone who has helped him in any way on his mission. 
We are so grateful!!

We will continue to blog his keep following! 

If you would like to get a hold of Treavor his new cell phone number is 435-213-7633.

Here are some pictures he sent me right before he came home.  

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