Thursday, July 4, 2013

Knee Update

I got a phone call from Dr. Naughtin this morning. A very welcome phone call!!

He said "Hey Sister Green...this is Dr. Naughtin from Florida and I've been takin care of your kid!" :)

He was driving to the Florida Keys on his way with the Young Men's group for the Youth Camping trip. How would that be?? lol

Anyway, he said he wanted to give me an update about Elder Green's knee. He said they had done the MRI and it showed that his bone was bruised. Both his femur bone and his kneecap. He said that Elder Green fell directly on his knee-cap and it squished his cartilage underneath.... and hit so hard it bruised the bone. His cartilage under the knee-cap was torn but everything else in there looked to be ok. This is very good news. As of right now there is no surgery needed. He is supposed to be careful with it and let the healing take place. (yeah right)

He said there was a chance there could be a piece of cartilage loose in there, but they were going to wait and see how things went the next week or so. And if needed they could scope it and clean it out. But for now....everything is good to go.

He said that Elder Green was everyone's favorite...(lol..I am not suprised!)...and that he has been working hard. This knee injury hasn't kept him down much even tho it should have (probably the reason for the slow healing). He said Elder Green and Elder Weston have not stopped making appointments and are super dedicated missionaries.

A sincere thank you to a very funny Dr. Naughtin for taking the time to call this missionary mom!

Keep Elder Green in your prayers!

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