Monday, July 1, 2013

I don't speak Spanish...

Hey everybody!
This week has been ok. 
Tuesday was good.. we had district meeting which was great. It was funny... the whole church was filled with the scouts.. so we had our meeting in the High council room. That was fun... then we went to 4Rivers Steakhouse for lunch :) I love that place.

We got home and went to the computers. I was so tired that I fell asleep on the bench while Elder Weston was on the computers. Stroye picked us up for an appointment and that went well. 

Wednesday nothing happened till the evening. The young men & women had planned for us to take them out with us... so that was really fun. I took a group to see "H & T" and Elder Weston took a group to tract and contact some other people. There was a third group and we sent them to a different gator of ours. So that went well... it was so fun! 

Thursday we got up and got ready and had Goldenrod Elders pick us up cause they had the car. Elder Weston had to do a baptismal Interview for the Goldenrod Sisters so that was fun. I just sat there talking to the others till Weston was done. Then we went home and I iced my knee and we cleaned.  

Friday was crazy so at 5 o'clock the new mission president was put in charge. So we were all excited and sad to have President and Sister Hall leave. But the new president..President Berry... is really really different then President Hall its President Berry is so loving and not as straight forward as Pres Hall...I like him. I haven't met him face to face yet..but I have talked with him. Anyway Friday in the morning.. we get a call from the Zone Leader's to go give a blessing to a kid at the hospital... so we called Stroye to help us get there. It was great to be able to help them. Then we saw our gator Mario.. which went well. After that Bro. Walker called us to see if we could help another member in the ward to move. We went on exchanges after that... I went to Valencia South which is Spanish speaking... so this was a fun experience. 

So on Saturday.. I'm with the Spanish Elders and they are in a trio.. so we go to appointments and of course I didn't speak at it was crazy. All i said is "I don't speak Spanish" lol. I was trying to speak Spanish the whole day no success! lol but i tried. We exchanged back that night and I started to feel sick... I think it was from dinner. 

Sunday was good.. all about the 4 of July.. so that was fun. I was still feeling a little sick.. it was crazy. After church we got home and we planned for that night exactly how we were going to get to our appointments. I had to call President Berry about my knee situation.. (I am having an MRI this week...and I will let you know ASAP. It really sucks) And then we had two dinners which was so hard... we were so full...I thought I was going to throw up...but Elder Weston actually did!... it was funny and bad at the same time LOL :) 

Kamp Shirt arrived!! 
(I love that they wrote on the mirror "WHAT DO YOU SEE?)

That was our week and I hope that you all have a great week! I love you all!
Love Elder Green 

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