Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey Everybody! 
This week has been crazy with getting an MRI and x-ray... and being the 4th of July all in one week! It was fun though. 
To start off I have hit 51 ties!! :) It's awesome... I will send pics some other time! Weston had 365 ties

Tuesday we got up and we studied for "M" cuz we were going to see him in the morning. When we got to the car... Bro. Naughtin called and was like "Hey you guys should come see me this morning"... so I set up an appointment quick and then we drove there ASAP. We got there and he checked out my knee and had another doctor come in who just happens to be the doctor for the Florida Gators (wha?) ... and they ordered an MRI and a X-ray that same day... it was at 3:00 pm and it took forever. The MRI and the X-ray took two and a half hours. Weston was pretty bored and so was I.. lol. We finally left and they told us that the results would go to Bro. Naughtin and he would call me. Then we went to Stroye's and taught "C" which went well. 

Wednesday we were studying and Bro. Naughtin called and my heart fell to my feet I was so worried about what he would say. I'm still worried about it now... but then I called President Berry and left a message. Then it got crazy cuz we just got a new missionary doctor and she was talking to Bro. Naughtin and saying that my knee is  going to take too long to heal so they should just send me home. Bro. Naughtin said "Whoa! Hold your horses!" He saved me there.. but my knee still hurts so much that I guess she is still thinking about it though.  I have a meeting with President Berry on the 10th. So I will know more then. Anyway... later that day that Bro. Hawkins took us to lunch to a  REAL country club. That was my first time at one... and WOW the food was amazing!!! Then we went to Stroye's and I taught "C" while Weston was helping Stroye with his garage and that went pretty good. 

Thursday we had Zone Meeting which was fantastic. We got a lot of cool we now wear our name tags on the right (mainly for suits unless you have a pocket on the right)... and also that we could stay out an hour later for Fireworks on the 4th. It was awesome. Before the meeting the wards were doing a huge breakfast so that was great...and then we went and helped Stroye some more in his garage... lol. Then about 8 pm.. we got our district and went to downtown Orlando and watched the fireworks... which were so great! And oh my GOSH!!!... that place was so packed I thought we would be squished to death!!! It was crazy but it was good for contacting. Then we all went to Jeremiahs Ice after :) 

Friday was good.. we were very tired.. lol. We were studying a lot... then some sisters called us and asked us to go to the hospital and give a blessing to a sister. She had blood clots in her chest and they removed something.... I don't remember what. So we helped her out. Then we went to the Bishops and talked about the ward. He asked us if we know how to work computers and asked if we could help him tomorrow. So Saturday we helped the bishop with his laptop. After we went and taught "C".. but she was swimming. So we went to "H & T's" place and saw how they were doing. 

Sunday was great. It was fast Sunday and the Bishop came up to us and said "Hey could you both bear your testimony's in 30 seconds to be like an example to others who talk for ever?" lol...So we did. But the best part was when "H" went up there! His testimony was so awesome and so powerful! Then we ended up having to teach Sunday school...  and we will next week as well. So it was crazy lol. Then after church we got home we studied a lot.  At 4 we went back to the church for a baptism.. it was cool. Then we tried to see "M" but he wasn't feeling good... so we just studied most of the time. 
That was our week! I hope that your week was great! Tell me what you guys did for the 4th.
I love you all! 
LovE elDeR GReeN

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