Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On the mending road......

Treavor had his first Doctor visit at home on Monday. 
Dr. Higginbotham looked over the MRI, X-rays and Doctor reports from Florida. He said Treavor has a lot of bone bruising.... (he said bruising of the bone activates the same nerves as bone breakage).... and there was also still quite a bit of swelling and fluid. Treavor starts physical therapy this week and sees the doctor again in 2 weeks. He was given some good meds for the pain and inflammation. He was instructed to stay off of it, use his crutches, and ice it like crazy. We will run with this info and see what happens!

He's doing amazing. He's had a lot of visitors and phone calls..(even some from the members in Florida!) He seems to be adjusting well..... and it's been so fun to have him home!!

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