Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2 for 1

We opened the mailbox and there were two letters!


Dated 2/9/13

Dear fama-ree (Asian accent)

Mom, in my email I forgot to thank you for the pie. 
My room-mates were all like, 
"Elder, your mom is so cool"
and I was like,
"I know."
So how is life right now? How's work/school for you guys?
Will you send me Patti and Rachel's addresses? I would like to write them.
Have Mike write me once in a while, geez. lol.

I've been getting a little sick, but I'll get through it, don't worry mom.
Don't worry, I've got good companions.

Thanks for everything mom, especially the letters. They make my day even better.

Love you guys so much,
Elder Green.

P.s. 8 days 'till Florida

P.P.S I got my flight plan and stuff. 
I'm flying Delta, plane leaves 9:54 am. I arrive 4:11 pm, 
and I hope I don't go over weight, 
cause that's big bucks.

May the force be with you.



Dated 2/11/13

Dear Mom & Tai,

Hey so Tai, I got your letter about the Light Of Elendil.
I know what it is, but it doesn't glow, that's why I asked.
{Long story ^^}

Can you guys send me beef jerky?

No one has told me anything about Zac, so I would like to know...

Oh, and will you send me Salt & Vinegar chips? lol

I miss you guys.
I love you both.
Thanks for everything.

Elder Green.

P.S. tell Kell and Autumn happy birthday for me.

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  1. I judst wrote him! Sounds like he is doing good! Xoxoxo