Saturday, February 2, 2013

First Letter!

From Elder Green himself..
{With a little editing for grammar and punctuation... okay a lot of editing}

Hey, so it's only been four days but my P-Day is today.
I've had an amazing time here. 
I am so excited to be here, it is really sweet.
My companion is Elder Jeppson, he is a pretty cool dude.
I am excited to be his companion.
Me and him have been a great team in some classroom things.
It's cool.

The food is great here 
and you can have as much as you want, it's so nice.
I have learned so much these past couple days.
Teaching people is really cool but it's hard
We have taught a few times, and a few times to role play.
I'm not the best yet but I know I am getting better. 
It is really good to have Elder Jeppson with me,
he has just become the District Leader.

I am so happy to be here.

I met our Branch Presidency and they are pretty fun.

So on Thursday at lunch, I saw someone that looked really familiar.
I saw the front of him and it was Elder Shoemaker.
I screamed his name, ran to him, and tackled him. 
His Elder and Sisters were like "What the heck?"
Then I told them we were cousins and they were like 
{mostly the sisters}
Even though I was almost about to cry to see him.
I have seen him every day only for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
It's really cool.

Oh, and Grandpa, I have been a 6:29 elder. :)

But that is the jist of this week.
I really liked getting your letters, they really help me out.
I have sent letters to most of you,
but it is hard to write letters because of the time.

I am really happy to be here,
Love you all,
Have a good week.
I hope to hear from you all soon.
I don't really know how much time I have left
because the computer is in the laundry room and they don't say the time.

P.s. for Zac
What time do you have to report here? I would like to know.
Also, study the crap out of Preach My Gospel.
What is your talk on for your farewell?


  1. oh my heart was beating as i skimmed past the first few words searching for something stateing that he WAS happy and doing then I went back and read from he beginning.....
    loved how many times he said he was doing good and so happy to be there and the FOOD.....ha!
    cried when i read the tanner part. and how he called him Elder Shoemaker AND NOT tanner....

    hope your mommy heart is GOOD and content now kristi, you got the letter you were hopeing for.
    He did great with this first letter.
    good job tai, translating.....:) lol

  2. OK...CRYING.What a great letter! It just sounded like him! SO sweet and so happy!
    WOWZ. That is just the best medicine for puddly hearts! LOVE the part about Tanner! (Elder Shoemaker!)And the sister missionaries. I am sure that made Elder Green and Elder Shoemaker feel cool.:)
    Funny about the food. But glad he at least likes it. I read Elder Geddess letter and he stated it was digestively destructive!
    YES... Kristi and can breathe a little easier this week.
    Love the part about being a 6:29 missionary. :)
    GOOD JOB on the translation Miss T!