Saturday, February 9, 2013

WEEK #2!

Hey.. so its been more than a week! That's just messed up! 
It really feels like I have been here only like 4 days. It's really insane. 
I have had wonderful experiences these last couple of days. I just am so happy to serve. But also this week has been pretty tough too... which is pretty good cause without challenges.. everything would be too easy and  everyone would be a member ! 
So I cant wait to hear about Zac's farewell.. I want to know what his topic is.. and I can't wait to find him!! Oh, and have Zac tell me what time he gets here.. But also tell him that it goes fast after the first Sunday.. he will hear that a lot.. but I know he is going to be a BAUS!!!! 
I'm gonna be so happy to have him here. 
And I am thankful for everyone that has been writing me. I need Tanners address so that I can write him. 
Oh, and I think i won't need my temple clothes I'm not completely sure yet.. I don't need them here, but not sure in the mission field. 
And Mom.. Elder Jeppson says thanks for the thumb war thing he laughed pretty hard 
and said your moms cool! :) 
And Tai....what does that light of Elindil do cause I don't understand it.. so let me know on that. 
But now its experience on Monday we had our first real investigator. Even though some are already Mormon and just not active...some are non-members. So me and Elder Jeppson were hoping to get a non-member... and we did!  Her name was "S" and she was so nice. We did so good teaching her! She has a daughter that is a member.. but didn't understand that much about the church.  So we filled in the gaps. The spirit was so strong in that room.. it was so amazing. Before she left we challenged her to read and to pray about the Book of Mormon and to contact more missionaries. She promised us that she would. It was the best feeling to know that she would its would! Just so AWESOME!!!! 
Me and Elder Jeppson are doing really well in role playing...we got that down! Which is good for me because when I started I was not good what so ever!! That feels like a month ago... its insane!
Oh and it snowed really hard yesterday... it was so cool! We were all sliding around everywhere.. except the kids from warm places.. LOL!!!!! 

I hope that you all write me more... it helps me feel less home sick. LOL 
Well....I'm running out of time... but I miss all of you guys so much I LOVE YOU so much!!! 
Have a great week! And can you tell me the weather for the next week? Here and Florida? I needs to know!!
Elder Green

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