Saturday, February 16, 2013


Hey! so this is my last p-day in the MTC it is too insane! It really doesn't feel like its been this long. It's so cool here. 
This week has been pretty cool. So many things have happened! 

Me and Elder Jeppson have had some great experiences. Our teachers say the Spirit is with us both all the time... we teach and it is just so amazing and so powerful that the teacher actually said...if they were real investigators they would be baptized on the spot if they could. I don't know what me and Elder Jeppson have exactly... its just so cool..i think its like a Force Bond... LOL... I had to say that....

It has been so amazing..and I just cant wait to get to Florida! 

So yesterday I FOUND ZAC (well technically he found me) We were at Breakfast and my back was turned from where he was i think... but he was about to leave and he saw me turn my head and he knew it was me... then he came towards me..but i didn't notice him until he was pretty much on but it was the same way as i found Tanner. He tackled me when i was in the chair.. and I was with my whole district and it was so awesome!! We talked for a bit.. it was the best!  That really made my day. I saw him also at lunch and talked a bit more. It was just so cool to see him. I wore the tie he gave me the first two days to try to find him... but I didn't.. which sucked.  

But this week has been so great.. I have some pics I'm sending on here..but I'm running out of time. 
I love all of you... keep writing me and have a good time!! 
The next time I talk to you I will be in Florida....that's insane!!                                                           
Elder Green 

 Elder Green & Elder Jeppsen

Lookin great Elder Green!


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