Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elder Green is in FLO--RIDA!!!

Elder Green arrived safely in Orlando yesterday around 3pm Utah time. 

Tai and I were treated to a HEAVENLY 50 minute conversation with him yesterday morning, while he was waiting at the SLC airport. 
It was so great to hear his happy voice... and I forgot how much I miss his laugh.
We talked about everything...including some of his MTC experiences to the Light of Elendil {google it}.
He said there were 13 missionaries flying to Florida with him... and that they had a "goodbye" devotional the night before where he said there were massive amounts of missionaries leaving..including 200 to California....TWO HUNDRED!!!
He kept saying how great everything was...how fast time was going.....and what a great experience he had at the MTC...He really got along well with Elder Jeppsen and his other room mates...
He sounded so happy and content. He also sounded confident and absolutely NO questioning what he was doing. 
He was excited to get to Florida...to get settled and try some new food (tummy issues..shhhh)

I tracked his flight online.. 
{Tai called me a stalker about 76 times..don't judge me Tai}
And once he landed safely I knew I wouldn't hear from him until next Monday....

BUT THEN...............

I happened to check my email and this little treasure was waiting for me!!


Hey.. so I made it here. It felt like a long flight.. but it really wasn't.. lol 
It's so nice here.. and a little too hot... but I have to get used to it quick pretty much. 
We got here.. met the mission president and his wife. (President and Sister Hall) They are so cool! 
We came back to the mission home and talked for a bit... took some pics and they fed us... it was really good food!! I was excited that it wasn't MTC food LOL 
It looks so amazing here right now.. we find out who our companions are tomorrow and everything else. I cant wait to start! So that's about it for Florida Day 1. 
I love you..and have a great week. Talk to you soon. 
I will send letters as soon I can figure this place out...cause every street has a name not numbers or the block system like Utah...so this is going to be a fun experience.
 I have to go.. President Hall wants to have a meeting so... love you guys.
  Elder Green 

Thank goodness for email!
So for the next 2 years...all letters and packages for Elder Green can be mailed to the mission home address 
(to the right ------->)
or be email at  eldergreenbean@gmail.com


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