Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Third letter!....

Dear Mom & Tai:

Hey so I got all of your letters. You guys sent a lot and I like it. 
I can't believe its already doesn't feel like I've been here that long.
I have been working really hard and taking so many notes. When I talk.. I notice that I am like "wait what did I just say?"...its pretty funny.
But its going good here.
Oh by the way...I need a night light so I can write letters at night. Not a really bright one...just one I can see with if that's OK.... And I need some more P-Day shirts, they can have writing on them, 
I am having so much fun here and I love you both. I miss you guys alot.

Love Elder Green

P.S. Sorry that this is small I kinda had to hurry and I kinda didn't know what to talk about LOL

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